Billing issues

@Adam_at_Onto @Carol

Could you please look into this very annoying discrepancy? It was mentioned earlier months ago here already, and apparently, you still think this is not a questionable business practice.

  1. Purchased mileage bolt-on 2 weeks ago redeeming points, received the confirmation email, my account is showing the added allowance immediately.
  2. New hire agreement signed later, the agreed fee to pay for next month is the monthly fee only as it should be.
  3. Today pre-authorization of payment included the price of the mileage bolt-on, despite being redeemed for reward points, therefore fully paid and in the actual month, not the next.
  4. The added amount is the raised price of the bolt-on, another failure as if you add it wrongfully anyway, it should be the original price as the new is only applicable after this month’s agreement expired.

When it happened first, customer service was absolutely clueless regarding the issue, gave contradictory information about recurring bolt-on and who knows what, basically blaming the customer and unable to solve the problem or showing any interest.
Later occurrences, I authorized locking a higher than agreed amount on the card, thinking it is an uphill battle, and thought you will evolve over time to handle such complicated back office challenges to implement a properly functioning system. 6 months was not enough as it turned out.

I don’t think it’s the proper approach as it was suggested here earlier by other community members that I should not bother asking at all, for me, it’s considering you are incapable to deal with this, or worse, not interested at all.


Just redeemed some points for mileage.

Will need to watch mine.

Thanks for the heads up!

I have a suspicion based on me using my points for additional driver each month, that the pre-auth always is the total cost, regardless of if you’ve redeemed points or not. When the actual payment is made 7 days later, this tends to reflect the correct amount.

I’m equally as confused about the billing system as everyone else, it tends to be a little random in how it bills and makes it extremely difficult to reconcile.


@Raheel_at_Onto @Claire_at_Onto can you take a look at this for me please

@ZWA I have asked the team to look into this for you can respond, lets get this clarified and sorted for you

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Hi @ZWA - It may be more beneficial to tag myself - @Raheel_at_Onto as I’m around more often on the community to pick up any issues.

Have you managed to speak with our Customer Service Team regarding this today? As @markd has alluded to, the pre-authorisation is for the original amount whereas the final payment is usually for the correct amount.

As we don’t use an in house billing system, it requires manual intervention and adjustment, especially where we’ve locked in the old prices for current subscribers. The systems have been updated to reflect the new prices, so each transaction for a locked in price requires some manual intervention at the moment.

I understand it’s frustrating, but would kindly ask you, and everyone, to please bear with us for the time being.

If you’ve not been in touch with CS today, please let me know and I’ll request for someone to reach out to you today.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Raheel @ Onto


I think this is starting to make sense now…

Every month you call for my subs at full value on the 1st. It ear marks the money in my account, you then as you have stated you manually work out the correct payment and it seems like you call for this adjusted payment on the renewal date?

I have asked this before month on month because this leaves me with 2 pending payments to ONTO for a short period of time and get told “oh it’s the banks fault”

I think that’s fundamentally wrong, they ignore that you paid for something already and therefore allocating money for it is just simply not right.

Hi @Raheel_at_Onto,

Thank you for your reply and help. I haven’t contacted CS today, I didn’t have pleasant experiences since, not to mention other inconveniences, I have been informed that vital information could disappear from your system, falling through some cracks… :smiley: Definitely that was a first in my life, hearing this as a valid excuse from a customer service.
When I asked CS the first time about the allocated extra funds, they had no clue and as I mentioned the general assumption was that it’s unlikely an error on your part.
If you use outsourced payment processing, that’s not a problem unless obviously you feed them incorrect information, as normally items paid fully by redeemed reward points should be something outside their scope of interest, why they even know about the transaction? Even if they handle reward point ‘payments’, they should clearly make a difference for such non-monetary transactions to avoid annoying the subscribers unnecessarily and allocate funds from them for transactions clearly not going forward.
I find it amusing that communication between departments, third parties and customers is such a big challenge for Onto, the integration of systems capable to handle trivial procedures and exceptions like these should be easy-peasy nowadays.

Hi @ZWA if you could DM me your details I’ll be happy to review this for you :grin:


Hi @Raheel_at_Onto, I sent you a DM yesterday.

@Raheel_at_Onto, I just received an e-mail notification regarding failed pre-authorization. This is something new, as previously no such e-mail arrived when for a similar reason (you wrongfully try to allocate more funds than the contractual amount needed to cover the service provided) the pre-auth failed. In your e-mail, you carefully detail how only the customer is to blame for a failed pre-auth, apparently, you can’t imagine the possibility that it’s your fault.
Another ‘improvement’, there should be an e-mail notification about a successful pre-auth, never received such in the past ever.
More joy, now there is a Customer Success Team we can contact, but I don’t feel writing to the suggested general e-mail [email protected] is substantiated, I don’t feel successful enough I am afraid. :grin:
More to that, I let the wrong amount you set to go through at the next try after the 6th failed attempt this morning, just for peace of mind as I feel it’s a steeper and steeper uphill battle and I can clearly imagine the situation when you fail to get the money you like instead of the money you should and still continue with cancellation regardless. Or you lock the car permanently uninterested in who is trapped inside, but maybe the non-functional hardware installed would prevent performing such a joke, as nothing is working through the app, no mileage, location, and SoC updates since day one.

Hi @ZWA @Raheel is off today but will be back tomorrow. In the meantime I am looking into if there is anyway to preauthorise the amount which reflects the fact you have used reward points to pay for mileage. Additionally I will arrange to pass your feedback over to the pre authorisations team with regards to the email communication.


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Thank you, @Claire_at_Onto, have not heard from Onto all day, so I asked Alisha on the chat to process the pre-auth, and it went through with the higher amount.
There is a claim in the failed pre-auth notification e-mail: ‘We will continue to reattempt the pre-authorisation payment automatically.’ As further attempts stopped since the e-mail, although I allowed the higher amount for my peace of mind as I wrote, I thought it would be better for me to ask directly to process as you would certainly miss your own deadline if I wait for you to correct your mistake but definitely would initiate vehicle return automatically regardless the circumstances and I am not really keen to sample your preparedness to revert it from first-hand experience. :grin:

Hi @ZWA - happy to discuss and resolve I’m available tomorrow after 11am if that helps at all - in order to do so, we’ll need either a quick call with the acct holder or an email from them providing auth first.

Hi @Raheel_at_Onto, what happened to the reward points? Remaining points disappeared and account is only showing earnings from this month (started yesterday). Last invoice is showing amount paid with added bolt-on, but I paid just the monthly fee at the end, so something clearly confused the system in a new way. Could you please look into that? Thank you!

Is there someone to help with a billing account please @Raheel_at_Onto ive been chasing for over a week and had email saying my car is getting collected and I’ve had assurances that all is ok on the phone line but still I’m waiting for onto to collect payment ! Anyone