Big oopsie

Onto charged me for a flat today although I had the excess reducer which states all my liability for damage to tyres, glass and keys is waived.

Not a big deal, emailed and I am sure it will be sorted.

Problem is they emailed me an invoice for a different customer with his name, address and contact details on. Big GDPR no no. I deleted it but makes me wonder if someone else now has my info to abuse.

Today seems to be the tyre damage invoice day :smiley: See my post in the other thread :slight_smile: Ah no i need a new rubber - #8 by BenB

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Humans make mistakes unfortunately, so whilst it’s not what you ever want to experience, it’s probably once in a blue moon. However it’s worth flagging @Adam_at_Onto to be aware that it’s happened so he can look at processes and procedures relating to this.

@WayfaringCookie thanks for flagging. We will investigate how this happened and self report depending on what information was shared.

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