Bicycle rack

Are we allowed to add a bicycle rack to the car?

i cant see why not the only issue you might have is any scratches and damage to the railings or paintwork which you will be liable for

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@Carol Could you confirm?

I am also curious about this. I have emailed them to confirm before doing so.

The general principles regarding the adding of accessories is that they can easily be removed returning the vehicle to it’s original condition. So obviously nothing that would require any permanent fixings. They must be legal, fit for purpose and fulfil any health and safety requirements. It would be wise to check the vehicle’s manual to confirm that what you intend to do is permitted by the manufacturer.

Sunshades attached to the interior of the rear door windows by suction pads would be allowed.

A Zoe aftermarket armrest requiring the drilling of a couple of holes to fix in place would not.


Here is the current policy

Bicycle Carriers
Onto permits the use of roof-mounted cycle carriers sold as genuine accessories by the vehicle manufacturer, and in compliance with all relevant regulations and limits.
Onto does not supply these carriers.
Any damage caused by the installation, removal and use of these carriers will be chargeable.
Rear (boot/tailgate) Mounted carriers are not permitted for the following reasons:

  • the combined weight of the carrier and the bikes it is holding rests on the vehicle’s body panels/glass, which can cause damage to paint, sheet metal, glass and other components such as boot-mounted spoilers and windscreen wipers.
  • these carriers obstruct the driver’s view out of the rear window.
  • bikes mounted in this way can obscure rear lights and/or the number plate.

@Carol How about roof mounted top box? Renault supplied rack but third party box? I assume ok? :blonde_man:

Most EVs do not have the option to add a roof box, which Zoes do not, we would recommend only adding one of these only if sold as genuine accessories by the vehicle manufacturer. You should also ensures that the permissible load on the roof with the carrying device is as per the manufacturers recommendations

Noted and thank you. :blonde_man: