Bham to Chorley

So Friday I have a work trip for the day up the M6…
It’s been a while so give me your recommendations for charging points along the M6…
Is there not a load of BP chargers on one of the services petrol stations ,?

Co-Op BP at Saxon Cross Sandbach has 2x 50kW units

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The other one is the new MFG Crow Orchard with 8x 150 units - not free though obviously

The recently updated WattsUp app is good for finding locations with multiple charging units along particular routes.

It may be worth stopping at the services anyways. Ecotricity chargers are constantly in and out of free vend at the moment while they work on these upcoming changes. You have a good chance of getting a free charge there.

As for the best place to charge, ABRP will help you work out exactly how far you can go, and what location would be best to charge at to do your journey in the shortest time possible.

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I’ve never attempted to use an ecotricity charger. Does it say on the screen if they are on free vend before you start?

You’ll see a screen asking you to download the app if it is in regular paid vend:

And if it is in free vend it will be on a screen asking you to simply pick your connector and press start:

Note this only applies to the older chargers made by DBT. Their newer chargers made by Efacec can’t do free vends, so if the app isn’t working you’re totally locked out of using them.


Ahhh. Thanks.

I didn’t realise they are the same as the older chargeyourcar/BP pulse chargers.

The second screenshot is what you see at all times on the chargers I mentioned. I guess that’s because you use rfid rather than the app to start a charge.

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Yeah, exact same except they were updated for better compatibility rather than CYC/Polar who more or less abandoned them. After selecting your connector it will start straight away rather than asking for you to tap a RFID Card in free vend.

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Yes, typically the cyc charger within 1 mile of my house has been abandoned. Its never worked since I joined onto