Beware - The Great ONTO Alloy Wheel Scam

UPDATE ---- Just noticed I received and email saying the

Thanks for returning your Peugeot e-208, registration BJ71FYZ. We hope you enjoyed your ride!

Your car was fully inspected for damage and cleanliness on arrival at our turnaround facilities. We’re pleased to report that this inspection found the car to be in good condition, and there will be no repairs required.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking such good care of your Onto car.

8 hours later I receive an email demanding £624

So just swapped my car after a month and somehow OnTo are charging me £624 for scuffs on Alloy wheels with a confusing report that has no before and after indications of damage. The car was not brand new when I got it and I do not do a microscopic inspection of the wheels on delivery.

This is sharp practice and I intend to make sure social media and the wider electric car forums are aware of this.

Its not the only problem I’ve had with wheels. When I had my e2008 it had a tyre pressure warning light twice ! When I called the helpline number they firstly sent me to a halfords that did not exist, so I fixed it at my own cost. The second time it happened they made an appointment with a local garage that had no idea who OnTo was and refused to send out a mobile tyre service. Again I was forced to fix myself.

Not to mention the debt collectors that were sent round because they gave my details for a parking fine when it was their delivery driver. Took months to sort out.

Will be giving back my current car an the end of this month and off to Elmo.

Really poor customer experience,

Email indicating no damage
Pickup indicating no damage
Email indicating damage but no before photos
Email saying sorry but pay up at highly inflated cost
Email saying sorry but pay up - again at highly inflated cost

Really fed up with this and will be returning my current car at end of this month

Another customer lost @Adam_at_Onto
Another customer with a bad story to spread @Adam_at_Onto

Remember @Adam_at_Onto a company is measured by what happens when things go wrong.

You have made at least 4 mistakes in my six months at @ontoSubscriber

Not a great look