Beware ... it's a scam


KwH and Kw instead of kWh doesn’t inspire confidence in a company trying to promote driving EVs.


Agreed! Maybe I should change the name to :
Beware … it’s a SCAM :thinking:

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I clicked.

I didn’t see how I could “drive the future” :man_shrugging:t2:

And certainly not today, July 2022 :man_shrugging:t2:

I hate being sceptical about these things, but… well, I’m sceptical!


This does not inspire confidence, as only valid for a Year…

No MX records, so no email service…

T&C’s are boiler plate, no contact details apart from a typeform page… and points for its A records and Godaddy for DNS…

Domain Information
Registered on: 08-Jul-2022
Expiry date: 08-Jul-2023
Last updated: 08-Jul-2022

My professional opinion, - 90% sure its either a phishing exercise or a scam,


I got bored so I thought I’d email Maxime Sureda to see what it’s all about, I would imagine it’s to put the feelers out and if it shows interest then will be pushed to their venture builders academy for investment as the only contact is a partner on bundl.


Good man - someone had to be the fall guy.

It’s probably the missing Crypto-Queen trying to forge a new scam… :smiley:

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