Being charged for compressor

Hi friends

I have a query with regards to the id3 I recently sent one back and I am now being charged as there’s no compressor in the car.i didn’t even no they have one can someone with an id3 see if they have one as I have certainly not lost it.
I have replied to onto saying that if they haven’t got photographic evidence of the car being delivered with one then how can they charge me

What’s your thoughts on this

Someone else didn’t have a compressor

Good luck

No compressor in the rear or anywhere else in my vehicle, kinda cheeky to charge you for one as I had to buy my own for top ups. But I have had the car from day one allocation so maybe things changed.

@Adam_at_Onto could you look into this for me thank you

Happy New year @Slimtrader10. I’ll get one of the damage team to review and come back to you. As I understand it the ID3 Family Pro Performance has run flat tyres so there wouldn’t be a compressor.

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@Slimtrader10 I just got a note back from the damages team and they confirmed that you haven’t been charged for the compressor (It shouldn’t have shown as missing but you hadn’t been charged for it anyway). Sorry for any confusion on this.


Thank you for looking into this