Been over a week now since reporting damage

Its been well over a week since I reported accidental damage to my car. I don’t know what Driverline is playing at and would like to either have the car repaired or replaced. I am currently being passed from pillar to post and its getting ridiculous now. Up to now nothing has been done to say when the car can go in for repairs, the repair company has been fobbing me off when I have contacted them.

Hi @kam_S

I’m sorry to hear of the issues here.

I’ve checked on the car you’re subscribed to, but cannot see any insurance reports listed against it. Can I please confirm that you’ve spoken to Zurich about this, rather than just Driverline?

Please let me know, and if you have spoken with Zurich, I will get this followed up further internally.

Any questions, please feel free to DM me.

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I spoke to Zurich up to this morning and whoever answered the phone took my number and said someone will get back to me. I remain sceptical of this because this is the same treatment I have received all week. I just want the car in a garage to be repaired and hopefully have a replacement car in the mean time.

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Thanks for the update @kam_S I will follow up on this with our Maintenance Team

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Ok… thank you