Average wait time these days

soo, what’s the wait times like these days? Website says 12 weeks - is that accurate?

Got 12 months left on a car subscription (competitor company) so just wondering when I should get added to a waitlist to get something before I need to hand my current car back


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If you want a Tesla, suggest you get on waitlist now :wink:

12 weeks might be a good guess once Covid19 restrictions fully roll back and general business gets back into full swing. Time will tell.
Suggest you come back and ask that question every 3 months, but in all likelihood if you have 12 months to go get on the waitlists for cars in 9 months time.

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Which vehicle(s) are you interested in?
What’s stopping you going on a waitlist now?

If you explain when you want a vehicle, and one comes up too early, you just refuse and stay at the top of the list until you’re ready.

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I’d be interested in any of the two Zoe ze50’s (trying to keep cost to around £400 per month, going over by £19 is fine - I currently pay £362 per month for a car but sadly after my contract ends the company I use have already stated they can’t match this price again and closest they could do is £450 but that’s for a 2 year old car, which I’ve politely refused - the car I got at my current price was a brand new factory fresh car)

I don’t need 2 cars, so I was thinking about waiting till near the end of my contract, but past experience has told me that evezy has loooong lists and takes months to get the chance of anything, last time I was waiting 5 months then gave up and went elsewhere - with going on the list now surely you can’t keep refusing cars?

Give them a ring and get their advice. If they put a date marker next to your name, they wouldn’t need to ring you each time until you’re ready. Just answered a similar question on another forum. Perhaps @Lily_at_Evezy could give some guidance which would be useful for others too.

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Hi @Dskywere and @E7EV,

Absolutely! I’d recommend getting in touch with our customer service team (you can give us a call at 0800 030 6840 or email [email protected]). If you explain your situation to them, they can can sort it out for you and we’ll do our best so you can get a car when your current contract is over :slight_smile:


I had 5 months left on my lease and signed up on the waitlist for a tesla after explaining my situation… Lease went away 4 months ago and I haven’t moved on the waitlist for the last 3 months, so yes I’d suggest getting on that waitlist ASAP and having a plan B…