Available Kona

Probably a daft question, but I have what I’m 95% sure the site listed as a 2020.5 model Kona. There’s a 2021 model available in my area, just curious if anything’s actually different enough to make it worth booking a swap?

Sunroof, full LED lighting, and full HDA are the only differences off the top of my head, aside from the obvious facelift styling.

The factory fitted tires are also improved, from Nexen ones on the original model to Michelin Primacy 4’s on the facelift model. It improves the traction issues a little.


Thank goodness I didn’t have a cup of coffee in my hand when I read that.

As classic coffee-mouth-keyboards interfaces go, it would have been at Spinal Tap Amplifier Levels :flushed:

Interesting, sounds like a decent upgrade then. Silly me though, I can’t do it because it’s the same car I already have even if it’s a newer model. :rofl: maybe another time then.

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I had the original Kona and changed to the new shape last year

The sunroof is a nice touch and the digital dash looks more crisp and up to date

As Koda mentioned, the traction is a little better but still drives like a hooligan when in the wet

Overall just a more fresh, up to date model