Auto lock?

Got my hands on a ZE40 Today after having a nightmare of a time with a ZE50.

I got out of the car after moving it from the not so smart place that the delivery driver left it blocking in 2 cars and obstructing access to garages too, and was going to do the walk around, take photos, make sure everything is included in the car etc. and made the discovery as I went to walk over to the boot that the doors locked and the car beeped twice (The same way it would if the Renault proximity key had just gone out of range)

The ZE50 Didn’t do this. Is this normal behaviour for this car when using Onto’s keyless tech? Do I need to leave my phone inside for the doors to not auto lock? Or what exactly is the procedure to be able to close one door and open another without getting locked out?

Thought I would ask here before I go back out to give all the contact points a good wipe down, take photos and inspect the condition before I end up with an embarassing situation with me locked out and potentially my phone locked in!

I had a ze40 before swapping to ze50 and yes, it did lock itself from time to time, beeping twice. Seemed to be when doors closed and getting shopping out of boot and then on closing boot it would autolock. Not sure I fully understood why this happened as it seemed random so be careful with leaving that mobile in the car!


Yes ZE40 will auto lock if the last door shut is the boot, and it had been left open for a while, such as during unloading. So never leave your phone in the car as that will not prevent this happening, as I’ve learned the hard way a couple of times.

Of course when you’d rather like it to lock itself…it never does!