Audi Q4 Etron & MyAudi App

I wanted to share a quick experience I had with Audi over the last few days in setting up my MMI mobile app. I wanted to app so I can track the charge and pre-heat the interior of the car on a schedule.

The Audi Q4 does not come with an authentication code like other Audis. They apparently changed it to a new system with the Q4 which is quite an annoying process if you are an onto customer.

First I registered the car in my Audi app and went to enter the code I was provided with the key fob. On entering the code I received a message saying “Vehicle cannot be added”. I call Audi customer services who inform me that the key user authentication isnt applicable to the Q4 and the “Users” tab in the MMI does not exist in that car. I would have to visit a dealer.

So off I went, keyfob in hand to my local Audi dealer who verified my ID and had me sign a key user agreement. Went home, app didnt work. There is one further step they have to complete which the dealer never had an idea about - they had to manually log me into the vehicle using their MyAudi system in the dealership. It took them a couple of minutes once they realised but the whole process took me 4 days to sort out.

There has to be an easier way. In the past my old cars you just receive a code in the car and confirm it - job done. Audi made it way more complicated as now all Q4 owners / drivers will have to physically do this at the dealership.

So if you have a Q4 and want to get the app there you go ^

On another note the app doesnt function as it does with other Audi models either. You cannot lock / unlock the car or other settings. Only check charge, battery levels and pre-condition the car ready for driving off.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


@WayfaringCookie How frustrating and thank you for sharing with the community. I just got my Q4 e-tron and have been in touch with various parts of Audi (HQ and dealers) trying to figure out what to do, with conflicting information provided by different entities. Audi HQ and dealers are telling me I need a copy of the V5, and some documents confirming my rental agreement, in order to add myself as a key user and to go into a dealer and to complete the process.

This shouldn’t be such a burden on subscribers. It detracts from the experience and takes time out of your life, which you should be spending on other things!

Onto should know all of this already (or at least get that info from the manufacturer once cars are licenced for the fleet) and make life easy for subscribers so that they can enjoy the full aspects of life with an EV.

My suggestion to Onto is that whenever a subscriber gets a car delivered, as soon as the car is handed over, the subscriber should get an email that states;

  1. There is an app from the manufacturer that allows you to preheat the car, check state of charge etc and here is where to download it
  2. These are the steps you will need to follow in order to connect the app to the car (naturally this will vary depending upon make and model)
  3. This is what you need to do to unlink your app from the car before the car is returned/swapped
  4. There is no obligation to download the manufacturer’s app, but we have outlined what’s needed in order to successfully download and use their app if you want

Or if they don’t want to do that, then make it clear on the website that setting up the manufacturer’s app to link the EV during your subscription varies from easy to bloody difficult, and then at least you can make an informed choice as a consumer about which car you choose to subscribe to.


Hey @zeus

They initially wanted the V5 from me but I explained it is a subscription car with Onto and my dealer were happy to just get on with it. Its so much security for the ability to switch on some heating and look at the battery percentage. I could understand if the car could be unlocked and started with it - but it cant.

Just keep trying the dealer. Explain it is a subscription and as such you don’t have the V5. But you are the primary user and need them to add you to the vehicle.

It took me alot of calls and frustration but got there in the end. I used the sales team at my local Audi garage who were more welcoming to the idea than the service department.


@WayfaringCookie Thanks. BTW, does your car’s keyless entry work? Mine doesn’t.

I don’t believe they have keyless entry? Mine certainly doesn’t!

@WayfaringCookie Onto list on the car page that the Q4 e-tron DOES have keyless go - It’s part of the reason I swapped from the 55 quattro, as that didn’t have keyless entry and I find it a really useful feature.

My Q4 e-tron even has the touch sensors in each door handle for keyless entry, but they don’t work. I suspect it could be because the key supplied by Onto to myself is NOT the convienience key which enables keyless entry to work. The manual says the convienience key is needed, I assume Audi provide one regular key and one convienience key?

Keyless Go does not mean keyless entry unfortunately. Keyless go basically means it has a button you can press to start/stop the car.


This was what I was going to say. It does have keyless go - as in no key needed to put into an “ignition” slot. Keyless entry is not on the Q4.


@lgrok Thank You! I’m a long time Mercedes driver and Keyless Go with that brand means keyless start and keyless entry! I wish brands used names to mean the same thing


Saw an Onto Q4 in Sainsbury’s car park at South Woodford today. Anyone on here?


same issue the vw e-up with the app pre heat and monitoring app vw just kept saying imbeddied chip issue and app cant be used on car frustrating but customer support on the app side isnt too food

I have just taken delivery of a Q4 e-tron today, so will be attempting the same as will miss pre-heat if I can’t get it working! At the moment I can’t even seem to login after signup with the MyAudi app, let alone add a car - is this normal until a dealership visit?

I am struggling to login my wifes app too at the moment. My vehicle also isn’t updating so i think Audi are doing something.

How are you finding the Q4?

When you add the car it will show on the app right away. It will just be prompting a dealer visit. Remember to ask the dealer to add you as a key user and also bind you to the vehicle too. All sections on the dealers system should be green. Any amber they have missed something.

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Thanks for the prompt response, I will patiently wait for Audi to resolve the issues!

So far the Q4 seems pretty good, I’ve not had a chance to drive it or set everything up yet, but the interior feels a nice place to be. This is my first non-Tesla EV (having done S, 3, and X) and I’m interested to see how much Audi have or have not caught up on the whole experience (driving, charging, tech, real world range)

My primary goal of this car (and taking it through onto for now) is to convince my partner that all EV’s are not like Tesla, whose slightly steep learning curve and random reboots of the main screen caused her to not want to drive it at all. I already have a much more positive approach from her over this.

Can’t fault the onto experience so far though, it’s been very easy!

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I think that is what I like about the Q4 the most - it feels / looks like a traditional car but with a level of refinement I have not experienced in an ICE car before. Before this I had a C class and it was nice but no where near as nice to drive as the Q4.

How it compares to the Teslas I don’t know! What colour did you go for?

@dino Audi have issues with their digital services right now, it’s been like that since Monday morning. So you just have to wait until they fix it, whenever that is. I phoned them in the morning today and they are in the same boat as us, they have no idea when Audi IT will fix everything lol

I’m finding the driving, charging, tech and real world range of the 55 quattro and the q4 e-tron to be behind Tesla products. Audi are clearly still playing catch up.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the S, 3 and X. Each to their own though. I can see how many would be happy with a q4 e-tron though.

@WayfaringCookie I still have a C class, and I find the q4 e-tron to be an inferior drive in many respects. The ride is so harsh in comparison to the air suspension on my C class, which glides down the road and you don’t feel the bumps, and I find there is less wind and road noise in my C class than the q4 e-tron as the Merc has got acoustic glass fitted on the side windows, whereas acoustic glass is an optional extra on the Q4 which I don’t believe the onto cars have. The Q4 also has almost 50% less torque than my C-class, which really is noticeable between 40-70 when overtaking/merging as I find the Q4 to be a bit slow. Still the Q4 has a gigantic grille on the front!

Ah I see. But the issue there is if your Mercedes has air suspension I don’t think it would be fair to compare the ride quality with a vehicle that doesn’t. My C Class had the standard sport suspension from the AMG Line models and I felt was quite firm. I think the biggest plus for me on the Q4 from the C Class is the fact the rough engine of the C Class is gone.

I don’t really drive my cars with any pace so probably why I didn’t notice the overtaking power. I am quite a chill driver and very rarely overtake. Although I had to do a fairly quick overtake on a tractor this week and stuck the Q4 into Dynamic mode and it had no issues getting me past quick enough.

Personal preference I guess. Myself and my wife have both said how this is one of the nicest cars we have driven. I have had C & E classes (18, 19, 20, 21) the odd A4 and a Kajar throughout the past 4 years on short term contracts flexi-lease. Nothing beats the E Class for interior flash with all the Ambient Lights (or the air suspension on a E350D I had for a few months in 2018!) but I really am taken away by this Q4.

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ah the ‘Power of EV’ :+1:

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