Audi Q4 e-tron

I’m desperate to try out the Q4 ever since I’ve been with Onto but it is never available in the South West. When is this going to change ?

Thank Nick

Well - not much use I know, but I’m pretty sure one popped up in my area a few weeks ago.

Have you put the Widget on your 'phone to make checking a doddle, btw?


Every time I run shortcut there is always a Q4 for me. Again, not that helpful to you, but definitely use that Apple Shortcut if you can. Very clever tool made by a forum member.

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I’m on a Samsung phone. I check regularly through the onto app but it’s never available down here

In which case try a friends/family postcode if they are some distance away as it might show up in another zone. If it does you can get it, but you will need to be at the other postcode location in order to accept it on the delivery day.


Mine is going back today but its south east, Horsham. swapping for a Tesla :slight_smile:

Should also add its a lovely car but not guts!