Audi 55 E-tron

Anyone have the E-tron 55 black edition, I was going to book the Q4 but it went out of stock while I was thinking about it!

My 1st car, currently driving a BMW M5 which is insane, but at over £100 a week in petrol alone for just the school run I’m wanting to change it!

From One extreme to the other!


Hey glad to see you come on board. @Rucket has one. He should be able to share his experience with the E-tron and I think @Curtis had the Q4 and is now in the ID4.

Have you driven an electric car before? It is a bit of a change in driving style and range.

Hope you will be using a referral code when booking your first car. It gets you £50 off your first booking cost.

I’ve had the q4 etron yes and can answer any questions about it, overall impressions are it’s an impressive car, it turns heads, handles extremely well, comfortable and spacious, but at £999 a month it’s missing a ridiculous amount of features which can be seen in my post in the q4 etron thread, it lacks punch once you get towards 50 just like the ID4.

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Take a looka t my channel @mrhonestev on YouTube I do a full review of my time with an audi 55 etron from onto

Hi 884rlw, I have had one since September replacing my BMW 330D. The acceleration in the e-tron is smother and quieter even though a fair bit slower than you’re used to. Overall there is little I miss about the Beamer with the exception that on the e-tron wing mirrors only fold inwards a little when locked.

Please feel free to ask me anything specific you’d like to know about living with the e-tron.

My Q4 is going back on Monday next week. So will be available. It was a replacement so only has 700 miles on the clock. It will most likely be in the North region but it could change!

Had Q4 and was brillant. The obły complaint I would have is that suspension is quite hard and car bumps a lot causing occasional car sickness :joy:

I have switched to E-tron 55 and like it a lot except it’s worse spec than Q4. Driving assistance misses adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition. Very disappointing.

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I have gone for the Q4 as my 1st ev car, not getting delivered till 17th March tho.
The 55 is just a bit to expensive in comparison to my car now, even with all the petrol prices going up

I’ve just booked my 3rd Audi Q55 etron, a 22 plate.

They are fine as cars and a good ride.

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They are much larger though.

It is 1300 but me personally I am easy with that monthly outgoing from an affordability view.

Must be approaching a year now with Onto. No problems with the Audis.

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Sat charging in a 55 now, can’t beat the ridiculous charging curve - 52kWh at 92%

Super comfy, easy to drive, very inefficient and expensive but enjoying it whilst I have it!


expensive but enjoying it whilst I have it!

That’s the best part about Onto for me, you can try cars you probably otherwise wouldn’t have been able to and you’re not tied into it for yonks at a time.