Au revoir OnTo

My ID3 was collected this morning, ending 16 months of joyful electric motoring, which started in an e208, progressed into an e2008 and finished with this ID3 for the last 9 months.

Despite a wobbly start, I’m really grateful to Onto and its subscription model that has enabled me to try out a few electric cars, get used to charging and charging infrastructure.

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve spend lots of time on this forum reading really helpful, interesting and entertaining posts from a friendly group of people… Plus the occasional rant :wink:

I’d like to hang around here and, if possible, once my new car arrives, turn up to a meet if/when next organised. Cam


Great to hear your journey so far and trust you enjoy your new car once it arrives.
We all want to know what you are getting of course, along with a pic or two.:wink:


Haha, well it’s a Mini Electric… or will be, eventually… if Mini don’t stop removing options / items from the order before it’s made! Should be here in the next month or two - will post a pic.


Good luck! But yes, most definitely you should continue hanging out with us! We need to know stuff!!! :smiley:


After a seven month wait, I picked up the Mini earlier today… very happy with it :slight_smile:


Lovely spec that. Enjoy it.


Enjoy! I got a Level 2 MINI SE this time last year (To the exact day, as it happens) and found it to be great fun to drive. I’m sure you’ll love it and agree it was well worth the wait.


Stay in contact and keep us posted on how it goes. It looks a great car.:older_man:


Really would like to try the Mini Electric especially to see what the handling is like. BMW only gave it a small battery so as not to compromise the Mini’s characteristics. Having said that, the new model will have a larger battery, but maybe it’s not that much heavier or better placed around the vehicle.


Aside from minor changes to the suspension, BMW’s i3 didn’t change much at all between the 3 generations of batteries that got heavier as they increased capacity each time.

I trust they’ll be able to work similar magic with the MINI. Although if I’m not mistaken I believe the new upcoming model has a whole new body that’s actually smaller, so maybe it will be a very different story here.


It does seem to handle well (all those cliches about go karts), though this is my first Mini so I’ve got nothing else from the brand for comparison.

Drove to the office in London for the first time earlier and it’s very comfortable for longer journeys (extendible thigh support on the seats, yay!).

I did a huge amount of research before buying, to make sure a smaller battery & car would work for my ~75 each way trip to work once a week.

I really like that it’s efficient - 4.9 miles per kWh overall today which included a big chunk of motorway & keeping up with traffic.

Sometimes, less is more.