'Ask ONTO'

It would be a great idea to have an “Ask ONTO” section where staff answer questions from members.

My first one would be “Are ONTO actually aware of the issues with billing discrepancies and is it being addressed?”

The reason I ask is because every time I’ve been over charged, I queried it at ‘Pre-auth’ and was assured the correct amount would be taken when the payment is claimed. 4 months in a row, the payment hasn’t been the same as the invoice, each month I’m told it will sort itself out, but it never does.

Surely fixing this should be very important to ONTO as they could be under charging, or impatient members that have been overcharged, could dispute the payment with the bank, which would cost Chargeback Fees and would normally involve a full refund, I’m not aware of a partial refund option on the chargeback system.

Thanks for reading, would love to hear on my issue, as well as the possibility of an “Ask ONTO” section on the forum.


Isn’t that what this is?


I think @Kev is after a section that Onto themselves actively monitor and answer the questions themselves, rather than forum members trying to answer or offering help and advice.

I would say issues like this are best dealt with over the phone or the livechat directly with onto themselves rather than on the public forum…however it sounds like you’ve tried that a number of times already with no luck! I suppose having the issue highlighted on a dedicated “Ask Onto” page would be good to show the customer base that Onto are actively listening and working towards resolutions for their subscribers problems.

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Exactly this, Obviously the only thing that anyone who isn’t employed at ONTO can say is Email/Call up etc. but it would be nice to see some transparency on repetitive issues that they seem to not be acknowledging - just sorting it out month by month if the punter can be bothered to chase it up. - As above, it was ~£15 and I just can’t be bothered any more, I’m already ONTO’s serial moaner :frowning:

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Correct, and seeing multiple threads about overcharges and missing credits shows that the problem is much bigger problem than just my account - yet there’s no official response from ONTO, just a rolling monthly complaint to get the overcharge refunded.

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@Manpreet_Evezy sorted my billing issue. :+1:t3:

Hopefully he can sort yours too.


I can confirm that a number of Onto staff are actively monitoring the forums and so having a separate forum should not make too much of a difference. We all try to keep our _at_onto on our name in order that you can identify us.

Just to be very clear - all of the billing issues are unique to individual circumstances and hence we do have to investigate each one separately. While they might appear repetitive they are all different and hence take a little longer to fully understand for each customer.