Arranging a return online

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been posted before, however I am trying to arrange a return online; I’m filling in all the details, and then I get to this page:

It doesn’t actually give me any confirmation or otherwise, and I’ve had no email from Onto. Should I try and call them to confirm or will this have gone through?! I appreciate the helplines have been really busy and also don’t want to delay other people speaking to them if it’s all just gone through….


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Have you tried on desktop? I find the mobile webpage buggy on IOS and it looks like you are trapped in webpage purgatory. If not I’d give them a ring or email (they have been mega quick to respond to me this week- almost instantaneous in some cases). Best of luck.

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Found this:

Great shout, works on desktop. Mobile is apparently glitchy as you say…


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I wouldn’t worry about calling them. That’s what they are there for, after all.

No point in you sitting f there wondering if a quick call will get you the answer you need.


Glad you are sorted.

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I get that with Safari content blockers enabled. It usually shows the missing element if I reload the page after turning off the content blockers on the ‘Aa’ menu. Not a great time to be a front end developer now that privacy is a thing :sweat_smile:

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