Arnold Clark chargers

Arnie is joining the EV chargers market installing their own and acquiring Bumblebee chargers.
Downside only Arnie’s customers can book and use them.


I asked this question to Arnold Clark on Twitter, and it will be open if you have the AC app as well or so they say…

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“These chargers are for Arnold Clark customers and their unique selling point is that they’re bookable,”

This was their marketing statement :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Arnie not knowing what his right hand is doing is nothing new :rofl: :rofl:


This reply in my view means if I have the AC App then I can use it…

The price will be interesting as been a local Scotsman it will be £1 a Kwh at Arnie’s :rofl: :rofl:

This the Arnold Clark charging rates for their new network??
This appeared on ChargePlace Scotland website.

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Sounds pretty good. What are the chargers rated at?

Don’t know can’t find any, it was on the the June tariff updates page on CPS website

Found this info …

Eight rapid chargers, with the ability to charge up to 150kW, will be installed at larger Arnold Clark branches, with four to six rapid chargers installed at smaller branches.

And this link, they look like Osprey chargers in the artist impression, but sure @Koda would know what they are :wink:

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The ones that are increasing their tariff are at The Arnold Clark innovation centre.
These are the only 2 they have at the moment

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