April news letter big news

German car joining the fleet in may what’s your thought I recon vw id3

I’m clinging desperately to the Opel Manta GTe, purely for selfish, self indulgent (reliving a misspent youth but adult like) reasons. Excited to see the company growing and expanding though, one of my brighter decisions to join when I did. Keep up the good work.

I’m pretty sure that’s just a concept car with no intention of making a production car.

But then again, demand could make them consider a way of bringing it to market.

Will see what happens May 19 for the unveiling lol. The animated grill is probably a bit OTT,

Yeah someone already confirmed it was a ID3. Had the inside track. The other car is unknown as of yet. I’d expect another version of an existing car or a update or more fleet availability