App Widget?

Downloaded the app ahead of collection and quite surprised to see there isn’t a widget for the app to quickly access from the home screen to just hit a few quick buttons to lock, unlock, and toggle the model-specific feature function. I don’t imagine it would be too hard to create such a thing, and think it could make it a bit quicker and easier to live without a key?


Love this idea. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it!


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We love the idea too! I’ve raised it with the team and we will do our best to fit it into our roadmap :+1: I will let you know of any developments!


This is what the CEO said at the beginning of January:

Handsfree unlock - we currently have a new feature in R&D which would allow your vehicle to unlock automatically when you walk up to it, without getting your phone out of your pocket.”

I did see that, though I predict it isn’t going to be super reliable. I’ve worked with carshare fleet and a variety of different unlock methods. The auto unlock I have come across in the past was a choice between either crazy battery drain or a significant delay before phone and vehicle communicate with each other to unlock, due to energy savings preventing the two devices from searching for each other every few seconds.

The simple fact is Bluetooth isn’t the best primary option for controlling vehicle access, so everything that Evezy does with the existing hardware is making the best of a bad situation in my opinion. If it was me, I would change the app to send a command via a server to lock/unlock which would then be sent to the vehicle, just like what presumably happens if you have to call the helpline to have them lock/unlock remotely. And then if you can’t get a signal or whatever, you manually connect to it locally with bluetooth. That would remove the hurdle of having to enable bluetooth and potentialy drain your battery, and spend extra time connecting to the vehicle before you can unlock.

Or in an ideal world (minus simply giving the driver a key) change the equipment to add in a small RFID/NFC Reader on a window where you can tap your phone/card/fob for quick access.


Bluetooth works fine in a Tesla, Evezy just need to up their game