App updates

Does anything know how often they update the app?

Does anyone else have the problem where they get “key not in car “ if they get out the car to charge and back in even if the phone has stayed in the car?

Have they ever mentioned incorporating keyless entry? Do you could switch it on in the app or something? I know it might be a bit of work or a battery drain? Just it’s all awkward when carrying a year old lol.

If it was possible to have the unlock car function available in the Lock Screen; that would be good.

Most vehicles require you to start the car within a minute of unlocking, if you’re getting that message try pressing Unlock again. Hope that helps

Yeah it’s easy enough, just the car wasn’t off, I just got out the car, left phone in then it sometimes says key not in as I get back in. No big thing.

They just have done, so probably no more big updates for a little while now.

ONTO’s keyless access equipment doesn’t work perfectly with all makes and models of car. This is a fairly common complaint, but in all except the BMW i3 out of the current offerings, I don’t think it prevents you from driving despite the warning message after opening a door.

One curious thing though - You say this is to charge, but then also said the car wasn’t switched off. The car definitely needs to be powered off to initiate a charge session.

Yes. They have done trials of this but unsurprisingly it doesn’t work perfectly from what I remember hearing.

I Think it was over a year ago now that I suggested having app widgets. They said they liked the idea but there is still no sign of that yet.

No. I can start a charge with the car running and start car. Just not drive.

There was a trial with a Bluetooth device that sat in the car and detected your phone. It was very hit and miss. I’ve still got the device. No one’s ever asked for it back!

At the moment not supplying a key means ONTO get cheaper insurance and finance. So it helps to keep our subs down.

They’re aware of how many customers would prefer the key, and so I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and address the issue sooner rather than later. I think they’ve either got to abandon the app completely and give out keys, or improve the app to a point where you would choose to use it over a key.


This latest update on the app is driving me insane.
Car is asking for the key all the time, I’ve got the same i3 I’ve had for months.
I’ve noticed if I put my phone in airplane mode it’s less buggy, but that’s not a long term fix.

Is it possible for you to go back to the previous version? I’ve had to stick with that version because my phone doesn’t support the latest.

I used to have that problem with one of the beta builds, but the latest beta (which then became the live 3.0 version) fixed that for me.

Maybe @Ayman_at_Onto can help you further?

[quote=“E7EV”]They’re aware of how many customers would prefer the key, and so I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and address the issue sooner rather than later.
Please god I hope they do! I’d be interested to know how much difference it would make to the monthly price, if any. Especially given the costs of hardware installation/ software development/ customer support!

It’s one of the reasons I don’t really recommend Onto to friends. When I do, I’m at pains to point out what a PITA it is.

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Yeah I’m handling the phone key thing and is not really “that big s thing” is just so bloody awkward.

But my partner, she hates it. I just hope she changed her mind or it looks like ours will be returned.

Gutted if it did go back.

It’s annoying but in no way deal breaking for me.

@Pinky_Ponk - will have a look into this and get back to you!

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I still like the app. Makes the car usable for the two of us as one can have the key and another the app without having to swap about. I would be interested in smart watch support for the digital key.

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Great idea. If the app worked well enough a smart watch option would be great.

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Zoe had Smart passive transponder in Remote fob allowing auto everything - works a treat :slight_smile:

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