App problems

Lightweight! :thinking::crazy_face::rofl:

I know, but retired and my caravan site is closed for winter.
Will be closer to 1k from March again when we go to Caravan up in Embo near Dornoch again :beach_umbrella:

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10 days now and App still not updating mileage (Onto are aware):open_mouth:
Wonder if I’ll get my 972 miles carried over :rofl: :rofl:

I’ve tried re-installing app and re-signing in.

It appears that battery state has updated, car now showing as “Locked” correctly, but mileage still not changed even after I’ve beetled around and stopped with four short, local trips today….

(Otherwise I had also let Onto know before Christmas…)

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What app you using, I’m on iOS and iOS 15.3 with Onto 3.3.1,
Tried the beta app but that didn’t work also.
My new month starts 2nd Jan so will see what it rolls over to :rofl:

iOS 15.2

Onto 3.3.1


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K12Beano 33.8

As posted my App is not updating miles used, but it kindly updated the 972 rollover miles, which is not correct :grinning:
When does Onto CS open again to report it once again for a 4th time :open_mouth:

Ah-ha! :thinking:

Oh, just drive it!! :man_shrugging::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Neither of these numbers is even remotely correct for me.

I use a spreadsheet to track my mileage based on the car’s odometer. I’ve got a nice buffer but it’s nowhere near what’s displayed in app.

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Blimey - Even LEJOG would be a bit lightweight for @Tyson …… shall we do Route 66?? :joy:

Haha. It’s about 750mi over what I have left according to my tracking sheet, so yes I still have ~3800mi left, but bear in mind I’m coming up to a year’s subscription without a pause, and always had the same tier of car.

I would love to do a nice euro road trip (work commitments and Covid restrictions allowing) and the annoying thing is I could do, being 100% wfh at the moment, but I might get a bit of a grumpy glare as the other half has to go in ~once a week and wouldn’t be able to join me :grimacing:

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I have had mine for only a Month, so might catch you up :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Ooo - thanks you nice Onto people @Raheel_at_Onto et al - just got a SMS advising that the issue should be resolved now… I won’t respond to the text because it probably just disappears into the ether :ghost:… but that’s just in time for me to get in a cheeky swap next week… nudge, nudge, wink, wink; say no more :shushing_face:


Good for you , did you feed @Raheel_at_Onto with choccy biscuits to get it fixed? :rofl:


@K12Beano glad it’s worked out well for you & you’re welcome
@Jimmi - no choccy biscuits required - but they do sound delicious :yum:

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Hopefully mine will be fixed soon :rofl:

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