App or account improvement - shared damage report

I am not sure if this is a duplicate from another thread - but having reported damage on collection or return in the app (or in the past on the form) it would be great if we have a copy or record of the damage we have reported - either in the app or sent to us as a copy. Of course I also took my own photos but I noticed when uploading damage that sometimes I had to do it more than once and I am not certain that it all registered. Having what we have reported visible in the app or sent out would be good for both subscribers and onto I would think, to serve as an agreed record in case of any problems later.

Yes, agree with you @no_ngins. Indeed, it would be helpful to know what we have reported. I know we get the notification that they have received the damage report but it is generic and has no detail of what we have submitted. Following what you suggested would be helpful for us to keep track of what we have submitted in the damage reports.

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The pictures are saved in the onto app folder on the device and you should get an automated acknowledgement by email.

Hi Kev. That would do the trick - but I just looked - doesn’t seem to be an onto app folder on my iPhone (using the native file explorer in the phone or plugging it in to a computer) - am I missing something? (Quite possible)

I did get some acknowledgment emails but they didn’t have any details of what was reported. Would just be good to be able to access the photos and description of damage - for me at least for peace of mind it’s all there.

On the old inspection checklist forms that have now been disabled for some reason, they gave you the option to request a copy for your own records so you had an accurate snapshot of the condition on both receipt and return of the vehicle.

When I was last discussing with management they were looking at ways of improving transparency. I suggested having a copy of the last inspection done by Gefco to be given to the next subscriber on delivery so they could see any pre-existing damage and therefore have assurance that it is known to ONTO and that you won’t be held responsible. They told me they liked that idea and would try to implement it, but so far I don’t think this has happened either.

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makes sense - ideally a running report of damage and repairs for each vehicle that all parties could access - that way onto can also make sure they are getting what they pay for from Gefco or other third party delivery, repair and dealerships for servicing etc too

No idea on iPhones, but on Android, the images are stored in the app data folder.

I also got this confirmation automatically

Thanks Kev. No such luck on iPhone. I do get the emails like you mentioned - but other than tallying the emails with the number of damage reports it doesn’t reassure me too much as I sort of lost track of what I had sent and what I resent because it didn’t upload. I’d love to be able to see a copy of it all. :slight_smile:

@Kev can you tell me what to look for? In Android10 on a MotoG7 I can’t find an app folder for ONTO/Evezy with any content just an empty folder in Android/data/ called

What i did find was folder Pictures/rentE/Damage which has all the damage photos I have ever submitted

That’s the one :slight_smile:

@Kev Thanks. I need all my ducks in a row as the I3 is going back next week and there was quite a bit of pre-existing damage, some of which i recorded after deliver using the damage report in the app.

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