App not working

App is not working since I’ve returned from holiday

Lock unlock does not get a reaction.

Tried to uninstall, log out , refresh.

Have to call into everytime and wait for someone to answer for 10 15 mins

Much less hassle to use the physical key of course.
Sounds like the app doesn’t have the key downloaded.
Suggest you detail the phone model, iOS or Android version and the app version and email this to onto support or post here so maybe somebody else has the same setup and can advise.

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Hi @PapaZubz, im sorry to hear of your access issues.

I’ve raised an internal case for one of our CS team members to reach out to you and perform some troubleshooting to see if we can get this rectified for you.

Could you confirm which number you’re using and options you’re selecting to get through to us for access at the moment please, as I would like to look into the wait times further.

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Hi, thanks for getting this looked at.

I have already raised this with the breakdown team and have been waiting for contact.

I am calling the break down line at 03450348647 and then selecting option 1 for existing customer and option 2 for break down.

Can you tell me the expected call time for the troubleshooting please.


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Thank you for the reply

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The callback to you has been raised as a priority, so hopefully within the next hour or so. If you’re only going to be available at a certain time, let me know and I can pass this back to the team.

If you select Option 1 and then Option 1 again, it’ll bring you to our main CS Team, who will be able to answer your call a lot quicker, as the Breakdown extension may face longer wait times.


Hi George you must be magic as Ive received a call and problem is fixed.

Thank you so much


Excellent news. :blush:

Great news

Did Onto turn it off and turn it on again? :man_shrugging:t2:


You can never beat the classic troubleshooting techniques!

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Great news @PapaZubz!

Always happy to be of service

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I’ve just swapped cars and I’m having trouble with the app aswell. Doesn’t seem to want to show the new car for some reason.

You probably best to call Onto CS and get them to investigate/fix.

Yep I’m on it. I’ve given them a shout and they came back super quick with a list of the thingas to try but unfortunately none worked so I’ve left it with them for now. Hopefully they can fix it for me asap

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All fixed as of yesterday, thank you ONTO for all your help with this.