App miles lost

Has anyone had their miles in the app decrees considerably compared to actual usage these past few weeks?

Yes mine dropped a few hundred earlier this week. Been meaning to call Onto but dont have time to be on hold for any considerable time at the moment.
I screenshot via mobile app every other day the mileage remaining and noticed earlier this week it dropped

Have you both by any chance reached your first or susequent anniversaries of being with ONTO. Unused points that are unused after a year are removed automaticaly. Take a look in FAQ’ or T&C ’ for more info.:older_man:


For me its not points but roll-over mileage from feb, mar, april (which I believe has a 12 month expiry)
So shouldnt be down to anything expiring
The problem is the breakdown of mileage along with showing mileage that is due to expire is not detailed enough and what is available is not via mobile app but on via online account

I do beg your pardon my mistake, although I believe the 12 month rule also applies to inclusive mileage and bolt on mileage not used in any month. Someone more knowledgeable will correct me if I am wrong. However, as its not 12 months for you then it may be an error.:older_man:

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I did have this recently - but for me, it was the 12 month expiry. RIP 3,000 miles :vulcan_salute:


I think the app has been having various technical issues this past week - I had to reactivate my key twice in the last week.

Specifically however on the mileage…I’ve had these situations before but it’s most likely because of Onto’s mileage system being misaligned from the subscription period. So for example if you started your subscription on the 10th of the month, the mileage refresh on the app doesn’t happen until the 1st of the month and so you can see mileage deficits in the app.

This system causes a lot of confusion but I am guessing it is a legacy issue due to the different systems that are being used to manage subscriptions and manage mileage allocations.

Onto - please sort this out :pray:t3:

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My understanding is that you could only lose any mileage credit you’d earned that month in the previous year. So the maximum you could lose in one month would be 1000 miles (700 since mileage allowance reduction). Not sure if bolt ons expire after a year. I’d look into that unusually large reduction in your mileage credit.


Yes but mine have all been updated :+1:

Nah that’s crazy if that happens to be I’m done I keep them topped up so I don’t have to worry they shouldn’t expire that’s not fair if uve payed for them I need clarification otherwise my car will be going back soon.

@Amy_at_Onto is this true

Mileage credits expire 1 year after being added to your account. More information is linked below to read through while you wait for a reply from Amy who you tagged.


They definitely do expire. It’s in the T&Cs somewhere.

I probably exaggerated the actual number but it was in the thousands as I had huge carry over one month and then just the 750 the next.

It’s fine, though, as I knew they would expire.


Its very hard to plan and track mileage with the ONTO app (or online web), some months we only use the subscription mileage or less, leaving excess (especially as we have a 500 bolt on package also to replace some of the miles lost when ONTO reduced the 1000 per month down to 750)

As others have mentioned the app is very slow on updating, doesnt seems to be accurate by any means.

Also its extremely difficult to see when you have miles that are due to expire or when those miles expire, often meaning you only realise they expire once they already have meaning you’ve lost them for good.

Surely with technology these days the real-time mileage should update real-time. Even if it updated daily (maybe to save data costs and/or 12v battery) it should be more accurate/reliable than current.

Unused mileage credits are only shown on the web version under my account with no reference on when those miles are due to expire.
Apologies it might be in the pages of T&Cs somewhere but its also not clear if those mileage credits get used first before the months subscription mileage or the subscription mileage needs to be used first in full before the mileage credits start to be consumed.

I believe you need to use the app to lock/unlock on a regular basis to keep the mileage counter updated.


With my mobile contact, unused data brought forward from the previous month is used first. It can only be rolled over once though.

Ideally the order of usage would be:

(1) Credit due to expire at end of the month.
(2) This month’s allocation.
(3) Any remaining mileage credit
(4) Any bolt-ons added.

Then you’re into excess mileage fees.