App improvement – the collection process

I collected my car in June 2019, so it’s possible things have changed since then. In which case, please forgive me if any of these suggestions are already implemented.

  • It would be great to see bookings appear in the app as soon as they’re made, not 30 minutes beforehand. Can’t they appear with a date, time, location etc. as a scheduled booking? It would be reassuring to know that your booking is in the right location before you travel there only to find out 30 minutes beforehand that you’re in the wrong location.
  • Get the app to ping a notification 30 minutes before collection to remind you. This doesn’t have to be a push notification, a local app notification will do (your developers will know the difference).
  • Add an appointment in your phone’s calendar automatically from the app (like holiday booking apps do when you book a flight).
  • Potentially manage the booking from the app: Cancel, change location, reschedule.

That’s what I’ve got for now. It’s actually part of a larger suggestion on improving all the user journeys for customers, from registration through to managing and cancelling subscriptions. I just had some ideas on this one.

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Lot of sensible suggestions regarding the process. For those subscribers that do and will swap cars frequently it would make the experience much better. For the long term subscribers I doubt they have any views at present, but when they do swap they will be amazed at how slick it has become. :slight_smile::grinning:

Great feedback @Alasdair. Later in the year, we’ll be refreshing a number of these views and providing more information to new customers, as well as existing ones (eg: where a member may be swapping their car). We’re currently focused on ensuring our platform can scale at the same speed we’re growing :slight_smile: