App improvement – servicing

I know, there are lots of areas of the Evezy business model that could be integrated into the app to improve the customer experience. This is just one I experienced so thought about it this morning (probably too much, sorry).

So… servicing. It’s part of the all-inclusive cost model, but other than a bullet point on the website, this process was a mystery to me until I got an email recently telling me the car was due a service so it’s been booked. Then details of the date and time. If I had a problem, just call.

If we skip the potential issues with this existing process, let’s just brainstorm how the app could improve the experience…

  • A screen or area in the app dedicated to servicing. Perhaps this can be accessed from a tile on the home screen (think Windows Mobile… what’s that?) which counts down the miles to the next service interval for your car.
  • When the Evezy Service team books a car in, the details appear in that service page.
  • New bookings could trigger alerts either as push/local notifications, or email, or some in-app inbox messaging system. I’d also suggest a visible in-app message that has to be dismissed.
  • Use the app to get customers to confirm if the appointment date/time is convenient or if it needs to be rebooked. Do this when displaying the message and use confirm/reschedule buttons to dismiss (yes, nice workflow Alasdair).
  • Confirming an appointment could add a calendar entry to your phone for the date/time/location etc. of the booking.
  • Rescheduling could ask the customer to specify an alternative date and AM/PM slot, to send back to Evezy to rebook. This has to be dismissible with an “I’ll do this later” option in case someone just wants to use the app immediately to unlock their car in the freezing rain.
  • Then, to prompt customers to still confirm or reschedule that appointment, make sure it’s clear in the app that an action is outstanding from the customer. I’d also suggest a nagging push notification (daily?) until it’s confirmed.
  • You still need an option on the appointment screen that says “Reschedule this appointment” in case a customer first confirms, then later needs to reschedule. This triggers the aforementioned date/time AM/PM selector. Alright, that’s enough booking workflow…
  • So for booked appointments, make sure there a map of the service location, and maybe tapping the map opens a “proper” map app, like Apple or Google Maps or whatever.
  • As a reminder, I’d suggest booked appointments show a countdown in the app, maybe on the tile “X days to your service appointment” and a push notification and email are sent the day before.
  • Lastly, while no service appointments are booked, the tile I suggested with the mileage countdown could still be tapped to go to the service screen, but with no appointments to show, use the screen to explain the process. Something like “Before your car is due for a service, we’ll book an appointment and notify you on your phone and by email. Your appointment will appear on this screen, and you’ll be able to confirm or reschedule it from here”. Something like that.

So I skipped past all the issues this would solve because they should be obvious. But knowing when and where you’re going, rescheduling, reminders… all useful!

Ok, phew! Anyone got any other ideas for handling servicing in the app? :slight_smile:

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Sounds very complicated, and with all the other app issues this must be at the bottom of the pile. Considering the cars probably only need servicing every other year it’s not really an issue

Maybe I made it sound complicated – my apologies. But it’s really not.

Nevertheless, this request has nothing to do with other issues. If you’re saying “Evezy, please prioritise you’re limited app development resources on fixing some of the bugs that frustrate current customers” then that goes without saying. Does that mean we shouldn’t bother posting ideas on the forum?


When my Zoe went for its first service, I just opened the car for them to drive into the garage. I waited in reception. When they had finished, I went to the door leading to the service area and locked and unlocked the car so they could drive it out. Took 45 minutes in all.

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Good to know. My Zoe has a tendency (rightly) to lock itself when I walk away. The solution was that I gave my phone (with my iPhone passcode) to the technicians to leave in the car with the windows wound down.

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I offered to do that, but they weren’t too keen.

Another solution would be for the technician to download the evezy app to his phone. You could then give him access to your account. You would then check he logged out when he handed the car back, just as he would the key. That way he’d be ready as more and more evezy cars come in for servicing or warranty work.

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So another feature would be something like a “service mode” option to enable from the service screen. Maybe this would keep the car unlocked and allow it to be started. Then while it’s enabled, the app could prompt you at some interval (like every 30 minutes) to auto disable service mode or extend it for another 30 minutes.

Any better suggestions?


How does servicing work on the i3 as bmw won’t service a car unless they can scan the key!

I imagine Evezy haven’t had this problem yet as i3 has 2 year intervals

I’ve heard when it takes longer than a couple of days (repairs etc.) that evezy will send the actual key to the garage so I suppose they could just send the key to BMW in advance when they arrange a service.

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