App improvement – better mileage info

In the app at the moment, there’s a very simple visual (the circle) showing the monthly miles left, which is updated daily.

What would be really helpful would be access to the historical daily usage data. So another screen – perhaps accessible by tapping on the mileage circle – which shows you, for example:

  • A reminder of when the data refreshes. Such as simply “This data refreshes at midday each day”
  • A log of miles used each day (think a tabular layout like a bank statement) tabbed by month
  • A bar graph of usage over the month like you get with step counters or smartphone screen time data. Scale adjustable to Y-M-W-D and swipe left-right to scroll through time.
  • Something like “Based on your average daily mileage this month, you will use XXX miles this month”
  • I presume each customer’s end of month is a different date :man_shrugging:t2: so show the cut-off somehow.

There are probably other things you could show and I’m sure you could be creative. It would just be really helpful to have access to more of our own customer data.

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