App Idea - Snooze Rental Renewal Reminder for this month only

Hi All,

I am ending an agreement this month (I fully intend to be back when I have got rid of an ICE vehicle that is currently not being used). The app keeps popping up the renewal reminder - which I generally like. However the only option seems to be to keep hiding it all the time or permanently turn off the reminders on my account (don’t prompt me again option). It would be great to have a ‘hide for the rest of this month’ or ‘snooze for a week’ as I don’t want to turn this off completely but it’s is a bit of a pain seeing it every time I start the app.

I am not sure if it is the same on all devices - this is on an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Just an idea! N.

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Sorry to hear you’re going but I’m sure you’ll continue frequenting this forum and will be back as soon as you can.

It’s good that you can take a break without losing your mileage credit, loyalty points and your referral code remains active.

I fully intend to hang around on the community and I actually think this is a great place to hear all the latest news and information generally.
The great experience with onto has really prompted me to pull my finger out and sort out the slightly unnecessary ‘fleet’ I seem to have inadvertently ended up with (whilst basically only needing 1 car!!) - I do also have another short term EV on the go (an experiment started when I didn’t think I would be able to get the i3, which then all came good!) - but I’ll definitely be back to onto for a longer stint as I really like the model and the service I have had so far has been great!
Hoping by then there maybe a Mustang or two about - although there is already plenty of other choice for me to try when I return - but would love to be able to try one of those too. I think I will also struggle to get the i3 out of my system. Me and my missus both really love it and I can’t remember a small car I have ever had that felt so much bigger than it is - and it is a hoot around town - even with the quirks (which I run a bit hot and cold on, depending on whether the kids are in the car or not).