Anything I should know before renting?

Hi all.

Is their anything I need to be aware of before renting that might be easy to miss? Something you wish you knew before you rented a car? Anything like that.

Also is their any credit checks involved in the process of renting?

And last question what car would you recommend lol

I think one big thing that people do is take out extra insurance to cover the £1000 excess. A lot of people use Insurance4carhire, which I think is about £50 for the year.


Brilliant thank you, exactly the kind of advice I’m looking for.

Yes I’ve had two claims paid out using the insurance4carhire annual policy but please make sure you check it over to be sure that it suits your own needs.

Vehicle availability is limited at the moment but remember you can swap and change cars whenever you want for a fee of only £50. Once you get a car, keep your eyes on the booking page if you’re interested in a swap as they can often come and go quite quickly.

You will find lots of useful info on this forum and speakev about vehicles already if you have a bit of a search. Perhaps if you can give us a bit of info about your needs and circumstances we may be able to offer some more tailored advice.

Enjoy your onto journey!

No credit checks just licence check etc

Identity and licence verification checks only. Otherwise the insurer will also run their own checks too, but there’s not a credit check.

Start off with a Zoe. It’s the cheapest option but still decent, and a very capable car. At the moment you don’t have much choice in models other than that, but you can always swap for less than £50 at any time if you decide you fancy a change.

There are new models being announced in the next week or two for delivery some time next month. That may also help you with availability

If you use topcashback the insurance4carhire will be even less. It tracks 24% back for anyone who wants to make an account.

Edit: just to confirm £12.82 is coming back my way using this. £46.99 - £12.82 = £34.12 paid for the excess insurance


As a new user (5th May) I can say that so far I have had no issues at all.

BP and Shell cards come with the car.

You will have to pay either the full or part amount depending on timescale.

You may have to wait for the car you want but a new order works fine.

I have a Zoe GT and will be moving to a Kona in June.

only cost is the change fee but I guess I saved that with the referral code I used.

I used a referral code for discount on the first month.

Feel free to use mine its helps us out to share.

referral code is: 5a2c7

The team are great to deal with and answered all my questions on the telephone or webchat.

No regrets so far here.

this is form elsewhere on this forum but I was also new to EVs as well as new to and I thought this was a useful bit of info thanks to @Baroque_Badger Things you wish you had known

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Thank you everyone really useful information.

I’d love to hear some more car views.
I’m looking for driver comforts and extras like that so tell me what your car has!

If your main priority is equipment and raw specs then the Kona is hard to beat.

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Agree with that. Its a fine all rounder at a good price point with a great range.
Anything more (driver comforts) you will need to go North of a grand/month :grin:

(But I wouldn’t recommend it…! :laughing:)

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Yes the Kona (although I’ve not had one myself) is the one to get for gadgets and comforts. The Ioniq I currently have is great too and much cheaper. Both of these are very economical.

The i3 is quick and nimble but a little limited on space and practicality if you have rear passengers.

E208 is small but bigger than you expect inside. Its also very stylish, pretty nippy with decent but not excellent range.

The Ds3 is a little more luxurious than the e208 but the range is slightly less due to the same battery and motor in a slightly bigger and heavier car.

Zoe is a good starting point with many great features and good range. It has a few quirks from my understanding but there are many current and previous drivers on here to give a better opinion.

Just checked this and it says:

  • Cover for rentals of up to 60 consecutive days

Is it because the contract is monthly that this is ok?

Correct. You sign a new hire agreement every month, so you will never have more than a 31 day rental, even if you continue with the same car in the long term.


They are not able to exclude ONTO because of this. This insurance though is not really intended for vehicle subscription services. Most people would probably only hire a vehicle two or three times a year. Even then, the policy is good value, especially as it covers Europe as well.

Don’t be surprised though if Insurance4carhire cotton on soon. They could put a clause in that the vehicle has to be returned to base and inspected by the Rental Company at the end of each rental period. I believe that this couldn’t be applied retrospectively to existing customers. That’s why any new subscribers should always check the small print first, because the criteria could change at any moment. Us existing policyholders wouldn’t necessarily know until we came to renew, and then only if we checked the Ts & Cs again.


Agreed, always check the details. However I did buy a new insurance last week and the terms had not change.