Anything 6+ Seater

If you could add anything with 6 or 7 seats to your fleet, that would be amazing :slight_smile:


Would be amazing there not much choice yet in the uk tho only tesla x wahhh :frowning:


True, there’s the Nissan e-NV200 and a few of the Tesla specs that offer 7 seats…

None of which are on Evezy/OnTo’s offerings

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There are quite a few van offerings in the pipeline, some of which will be available as people type carriers rather than trade type vans. There seems to be quite a large diy conversion of EV vans to campers, so 7 seaters should be doable too. Not that ONTO will be supplying anything other than manuf made models.

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Perhaps a configuration of the VW Buzz would accommodate 6 people.

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Mercedes EQV is available (plenty of demos on the Merc fleet) but that’s likely to be a similar monthly subscription as the Jaguar i-pace with ONTO but is a very quiet and comfortable place to be and well equipped with good range.

The Citroen e-SpaceTourer MPV and it’s sister version, Peugeot e-Traveller MPV look to be more cost effective options along with it’s brother version Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life electric MPV, but the range will not be that impressive, but that is unlikely to be the key reason for 6 plus seating requirements. Those with larger families often have to have a van just to get enough seats and comfortable space for all.


I would love to have the option of a 7 seaters Why? If I need to go on holiday or receives family from
overseas, I would very likely switch to a 7 seaters for a month or two.

@Carol Are you thinking of introducing a 7 seaters anytime soon?

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I think the problem with 7 seaters is they are a niche market, and most people dont need anything near a 7 seater as a daily driver.

I think its more a normal hire company thing such as Enterprise, as people rent them for a specific use case, and i can see them been up at the i-pace / e-tron pricing, if offered by OntO

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Could be true.

E Tron and iPace are high-value cars, some electrics MVP starts from 35k, hopefully more affordable than over 1k Pounds a month

@Kev Would this fit the bill?

Oh yes! I’d hate to see the monthly cost though… lol

The e-SpaceTourer M 50kWh is only £32k. The one featured in the video had a 75kWh battery so would cost more. Not listed on EV Database so that version may not be available here.

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That’s a bargain! I wonder what the lead time is on that?


Hi @Lidar we do not currently offer this option, we have ongoing discussions with all manufacturers and if and when we feel its right to bring a 7 seater onto the fleet and the price is right we will communicate this to you all via the usual channels


Please do we have a big fam this would be perfect

Your feedback is noted but at the moment this is not something we offer I am afraid


Tesla Model X Please