Anyone use Zilch for ONTO?

As some of you may know, Zilch are offering a 5% instant cashback on all debit card (pay in full) payments… My monthly payments to ONTO is >£700 and 5% cashback is tempting, but I am not too sure if anyone has successfully used it with ONTO to pay in full? I must admit I am a little obsessed and literally use it all the time since they added the 5% cashback!

My concerns with ONTO payments is firstly there is the “Pre-auth” which keeps dropping off my curve card after 7 days and being charged the next day, would this happen with Zilch? Just curious :slight_smile:

Also if anyone would like to join Zilch, my shameless plug for a free £10 credit is here →

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My pre-auth does this on my normal credit card :slight_smile: Good to know another Curve user, are you Blue, Black or Metal ???

I have used zilch once or twice, but I have issues with Zilch and allowing people to buy their weekly shopping on BNPL from an ethics Point of View…

I know when they are used sensibly these can be excellent, but all it is another debit card…

I know Chase UK are offering 1% cashback on purchases, it doesn’t cover leasing, but doesn’t say owt about Car Hire :slight_smile:

I’m talking about the 5% instant cashback if you pay in full, so it’s no BNPL, you’re paying cash, but via Zilch and getting 5% for nothing.

Curve… I’m just a blue member, I was tempted with metal but didn’t bite

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Ahh no worries…

But I would ask Zilch as the T&C’s are a bit ambiguous… As it might get blocked at etiher end for the PAN or the MCC used by OntO

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let us know how u get on if u do it

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I’m signed up to Chase UK. It does cover car rental I asked today.
Also @mozzauk im a curve user - legacy black - original alpha user here when you could use your Amex card and get charged twice or thrice, the card was credit not debit and you got a really snazzy leather case for your alpha branded black card…… It was awful back then sometimes people got charged x 3 - Amex were clueless…… they must have lost ALOT of money, I once used my Curve (using Amex card) to stay at Yotel in NY back in 2016 as self service machine didn’t like my physical Amex card. Got charged the £900x2 to only find I was refunded both by Curve due to a decline of some sort 4 days later when it processed it. Never heard a word from Yotel, couldn’t believe I just got a 4 day weekend for free, 3 blocks from time sq. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I certainly will, I pay it on a debit card anyway, so the 5% is a no brainer :+1:

Sounds like a good hotel stay! I’m a long term curve user, made the jump from legacy black to Metal. I pay most things including ONTO on my amex, then use another card i have to pay the amex using curve, which i then pay using curve again with my debit card ends up with 3% cashback overall which more than pays for the curve fee! :slight_smile:


My payment wouldn’t go through with Zilch, but they have said that they will pass it onto technical support to see if they can approve it for future use :crossed_fingers:

I’ll keep you updated :+1:

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@Kev I signed up to Zilch following your initial message (used your referral code too!).

But from what I can tell, you need to manually activate the Ziltch card in the app, and it only remains active for 2 hours. To use for Onto, you’ll have to be able to accurately predict the timing of when Onto charge the card, or it’ll get declined.


Thanks for that, when it first declined, I activated the card and went back to ONTO live chat and they tried it again, sadly I got the same error even with the card active.

Zilch have said they are going to raise a ticket to tech support, so will hopefully be updated next week :crossed_fingers:

Sounds like they are blocking the MCC being sent by OntO… As it will come through as Car Hire, which is probably blocked by Zilch…

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Yeah, but I can’t see why they’d block that. Gambling, credit card payments etc fair enough, but car rental?

Some do, as the card is not meant to be used for those transactions as technically the Merchant can reclaim on the same card, and with Zilch this may not be possible, and usually you have to present the card when picking up the hire car, which you again can’t really do with Zilch or Butter or Klarna…