Anyone’s steering wheel just come off?

I posted this on speakev having seen a Model 3 owner post this info on the Facebook M3 UK owners forum.

Whilst some people have said this could be fake news it appears to be 100% genuine.

I suggest all Model 3 Evezy subscribers do a quick check whilst stationary to see if the steering wheel is fully secured. This probably applies to any new cars recently added to the Evezy fleet, rather than cars delivered last year, although worth doing regardless.

@Lily_at_Evezy it might be prudent to add this to the fleet checks when receiving new Tesla vehicles. It may never happen again of course, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Hi @burnt_crisps2, thanks for letting us know. That is definitely surprising! We will keep it in mind when performing checks.

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Just seen a follow up post on FB forum which shows Tesla is taking investigative action, presumably on the last delivery batch…

Stewart -------- Had a random call from Tesla today saying they are picking M3’s at random and checking their steering wheels. Within a few hours service car was at my house. Less than 5 mins later he was gone. All fine on mine. Spoke to the guy briefly and he said it was to do with your steering wheel coming off and they were checking if it is an isolated incident.

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Interesting works van. Wonder if they get to take it home?

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I would hope so, but then again it’s got an annoying decal down the side :thinking:

Looks like a Performance model, so no one will have time to read what it says!

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