Anyone recognise this Bonus Extra bit of Car!?

Hi All,

I got the i3 today and it had this bonus bit of trim in the boot. It looks generically car-like. Possibly i3-like but there don’t appear to be any bits of i3 missing. Anyone recognise it? (Obviously I’ll keep it and return it with the car regardless, but if someone is missing a bit maybe we can reunite it. )

It’s been a while since I had the i3 but I remember a large bit underneath the dashboard where the OBD port is being gone. I don’t remember it being that size, but could it possibly fit there? The material looks like the carpet in the i3.

Thanks - that’s what the delivery driver though too but there don’t seem to be any obvious gaps but I’ll get down and take a proper look in daylight!

Was it a new or used i3 you got?

Used - but that is what I was expecting 19 plate

I’m getting one 8th Feb not sure if it’s new or used as they are updating fleet apparently

Interesting. I didn’t think they were getting any more i3s - this has 7k miles on it but is in great condition - odd scuffs here and there and missing cable bag but nothing major I have found yet (extra bits aside). Let me know what you get!

Will do hopefully it’ll be new, but just to get one is a, bonus

Yup, I am pleased with it so far, although it’s been a nightmare day so I have not exactly been testing the range!