Anyone from Yorkshire

Do we have many people from Yorkshire area more specifically Leeds,looked at Koda’s suggestions regarding apps for charging anyone got first hand :raised_back_of_hand: advice on chargers good or bad in Leeds and surrounding areas any help would be appreciated as I don’t know :woman_shrugging: anything about electricity except it hurts when touched!!

I’m further north than you, but it’s not unusual for me to visit Yorkshire.

Leeds isn’t bad for charging at all. The only thing to really note is that there is a rather wide varienty of charging networks around, and not all of them are included free of charge with your Onto subscription. Some will be at your own expense should you choose to use them.

The free networks are:
CYC (Charge Your Car)
BP Pulse
Shell Recharge
New Motion
Alfa Power
EV Box
Franklin LiFE
Has To Be
Instavolt (From May 17 onwards)

Engie also have a good presence in Yorkshire, and their chargers are currently free to use for everyone until the end of October I believe.

Pod Point have a good presence at supermarkets. They are not included with Onto either but Tesco and Sainsburys tend to have these charging posts and are usually free to use at the two specific brands mentioned above.

Zap Map is definitely the best tool to help you find chargepoints. Other people also contribute to that and leave comments so you will see other people who checked in recently who give you tips on how to find that charger, or any parking charges to beware of, as well as reporting faults. Generally if it’s faulty the markers on the map will have a red outline.

When you get your car, the best thing I can really say is to go out and practice charging at a few of them in your area during the daylight hours so you can get an idea of how it all works, and see which ones are reliable before you find yourself actually needing to use one and getting into a panic because it doesn’t. You quickly get used to it all and should be fine, especially somewhere like Leeds.


Wow that’s pretty comprehensive didn’t realise there was such a big presence here must admit tho since I signed up I have seen more than I ever have
Thnx again Koda

Looks pretty good to me!

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I’m pretty much exclusively using the local Aire Valley public rapid chargers. mostly using Engie chargers that are currently free to use until October 2021, as said above, they cover all West Yorkshire so there will be plenty in and around Leeds, there are 5 just on my commute Bingley-Skipton. I also use the free Engie chargers in Haworth, Otley, Saltaire and Ilkley. I also use the Osprey rapid Charger in Skipton which is free courtesy of On.To. I’ll also shortly have free charging at Instavolt (courtesy of On.To) so that’s one in Ilkley and trips to the Lake District covered.

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In addition to Engie you’ve got BP Pulse, Shell Recharge (incl. Osprey & Ionity) and Instavolt are free to use with On.To. So just filter all these in on the Zap-Map App to see what local charging you’ve got for free.

People won’t start getting instavolt cards until 17th May, so don’t use one expecting a free charge yet!

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