Anyone from Onto who can help me with an issue with my swap?

Sorry that my first post is a whinge, but I need some help.

I arranged a swap on 1st June, but had to change it to 8th June. It looks like the mileage in the app is still calculating based on 1st June so I need to know how many miles I actually have left before I go into paying for excess mileage.

It’s slightly complicated because my original mileage was 750 + 250 topup + 300-ish from mileage left over from a previous rental. I’m also going from a tier 2 to a tier 1 car as part of the swap.

This seems to have completely confused the support team. So far I’ve been told various things relating to how mileage is handled on the new car which arrives on the 8th, but that’s not what I asked. I’ve had total radio silence for two days now despite chasing.

All I need is someone to tell me how many miles I can do without paying extra until the car is swapped on June 8th.


I have had this issue before. Since the extension was made the contract will renew tomorrow (1st) with the new expiry date for the swap.

You should see more miles added tomorrow.

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I’ll flag @Raheel_at_Onto to check and confirm as per @WayfaringCookie states above.


My only comment to help can be that if your going from tier 2 to tier 1 the 300 miles won’t count but will be available if/when you go back to a tier 2 car. Hope it’s sorted for you.:older_man:


Thanks all. I know that the 300 miles won’t count on the tier 1, but I’ll have burnt through those miles by the time of the swap anyway :slight_smile:

I’ll see what happens with the app tomorrow, thanks for the responses, much appreciated.


Hi @charltjr - if you’re swapping to different Tiers, you’re unused mileage would not carry over but instead remain saved for 12 months on that same Tier - meaning that if you were to swap back to that tier within the next 12 months, your saved miles would continue to roll over.

As @WayfaringCookie has mentioned, once your new subscription goes live tomorrow, you will see the correctly allocated miles reflecting on your account for the subscription month.

I’ve sent you a DM with more info :wink:


Hi @Raheel_at_Onto ,

Nothing has changed in the app.

I don’t understand why I’d have a new subscription starting today when the swap isn’t until the 8th. I did mention this via DM yesterday.

No response from support yet either.

I think the system is in a mix because of the change in swap date?

I certainly won’t be paying any mileage charges which I believe have been applied in error, so it would be great to get this sorted before we get to that point.


OK so the app has now updated, which is great. It’s showing 442 miles remaining.

Is that all of my remaining mileage for the current car plus a week worth of the 750 from the new subscription which was started on the 1st - still confused on that point as the swap is happening on the 8th.

Is my subscription now running from the 1st of the month to the next 1st?