Anyone connected megane to myrenault app

I’m not able to connect the myrenault app to the Megane, has anyone managed this successfully?

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I had to re-register my replacement Zoe recently and the whole process took about two weeks. The Renault system/servers are rubbish at best.


When did you get the car?

I believe it’s the same (crazy) process as the Zoe.

Register for a my Renault account and attempt to add VIN.

Wait 72 hours.

Add VIN again and you should register successfully.


Hey @Marcoart ,

I have just recieved my Megane, I experienced some issues and then retried at home connected to the Wi-Fi at home and all was well.

I did the following:

  1. Made an account
  2. Logged into the app
  3. Entered my registration
  4. Was prompted to login on the Megane infortainment system

To do point 4, you need to do the following:

  1. Swipe down on the infortainment screen
  2. Select “User”
  3. Login with the same details

This will then connect to your app and you’re good to go - I found this to work perfectly, and now it works everytime!

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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@MisterOaks Odd, I didn’t come from a Zoe. I came from a Hyundai Kona, and my app registered within about 20 minutes after moving location for better signal!

@seabass I have to admit, the server did time out, however, I think this was more due to signal at the time rather than the app itself!

Renault’s servers fell over and my registration got stuck in limbo for two weeks, even had chats with Renault Support and they had no idea until it magically started to work after about two weeks.

More annoying as I couldn’t get the car to pre-condition so I had to manually get the ice and frost off! First world problems,


That’s far from ideal - Mine may have been a stroke of luck then in that case!

How is it now? I find that if I pre-condition I can’t seem to adjust the temp, which I don’t mind but find odd.

Maybe I’m missing something though, haven’t played around with it too much - Still mesmerised by the interior :heart_eyes:

It’s not the easiest, as everyone has said.

Sometimes I wonder what’s the point with any of the manufacturers’ apps.

But I feel Renault’s is worthwhile (when it works :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) so hang on in there….

I mostly use it for checking charge progress at a distance… often I find that it has charged up “pretty quick”… or I’ve just dawdled along doing what I’m doing quite slowly…… :man_shrugging:

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I can only speak for how it works on the Zoe, but it seems like it just sets it to make the car 20 degrees (I think) - so whether it’s freezing cold outside or baking hot, the car will try to get to 20 degrees.


I think the app and software are still basically the same Zoe <=> “Fat Zoe”….

But… :thinking:…. I don’t recall any of the EVs I have experienced allowing specific temperature setting (from the app at least)…. Could someone point out if I’m wrong… :man_shrugging:

In the Tesla app you can set the temperature you require.

With other EVs, I believe I’ve heard that it will heat/cool to the temperature that was set by you in the car before you switch it off.

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That’s pretty much my experience. Usually you have a temp set pretty much the same all year round in the car, so 21degC in my case and the pre-condition will be ‘set’ to that.
Since very few people charge it, that’s probably why software people don’t add the setting functionality.

JLR app allows you to change temp from the app and I have a suspicion that you can in the Audi app, but might be imagining that. :roll_eyes:

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Didn’t you have two Hyundais? BlueLink UK Definitely lets you set a custom temperature in the app.

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Ah :bulb: does it - I didn’t try in the Ioniq, and it took me a few months to use the app in the Kona. So my memory is a bit hazy as to what was in the app - thanks, @Koda

Mmm - hadn’t thought of the Tesla, thanks @E7EV Don’t know which others just default or remain how they were last set…… :thinking:

Figures for the JLR, @burnt_crisps2 - I suspect to do similar on an Audi would need you to buy the premium model…with all the extras… and a subscription…. :crazy_face: (is my dislike of Audi showing? :joy:)

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30degC !!! blimey that would be pre-con for the desert :wink:
Although its not that hot enough really.
It was 50degC when i worked there, many moons ago.

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I’m really not built for the cold, and will happily sacrifice some range for the satisfaction and comfort of jumping into a car as warm as that, plus seat and wheel all pre-heated for me each time I am about to drive. Especially while most others on my street are stood outside shivering as they scrape ice off their windows.

As much as I like to be warm, even I would melt at 50c!


I got mine setup eventually, it was partially working by signing in as @BenR_at_Onto described, it was missing any information in the app (I could precondition through). I ended up speaking to Renault’s Multimedia Support through WhatsApp and got it all sorted.

There’s also 3GB of data which can be redeemed and used to run a few different apps in the car (YouTube Music, Spotify etc)


I had some issues validating username and password on the infotainment system during the second phase of validating. I chose a strong password as offered by Android when I created my account on the app. Logging on in car repeatedly failed, not valid. Tried connecting WiFi etc, no luck. Reset password on my Renault app for something simpler with less special characters and the login process in car was successful. However despite the validation process being complete I still couldn’t access any remote data from my Renault app. I needed to log out and back in again, using the newly reset password, and finally got everything connected. No idea why the app didn’t recognise the credentials had changed and force re authentication but there we have it.

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