Another Successful Swap

Just want to say to everyone at Onto Thanks again for a relatively hassle free swap today it’s the second one I have done…

The E208 GT was swapped for the Audi Etron 55.

Over the moon with the new car and was worried I would miss the little pug which I do to some extent but the audi is soo nice to drive I’m not missing it as much as I thought I would!

Only slight issue was I had heard nothing all day about the delivery although the app updated with the new car.

I contacted Onto using live chat at around 3PM

Alisha dealt with my query and within 15 minutes came back via phone call with an update the car would be with me around 5PM or a little later. After she called me the delivery agent also did to confirm.

Once again a very happy customer

Thanks Onto keep up the good work!


I’ve got my first swap happening tomorrow, anything I should know or prepare other than the usual clean car, decent level of charge etc?

Take photos before your car is collected. Many many many photos. Then do the same with your new car.


Smart, thank you!

Definitely. I only managed to photograph three quarters of my immaculate ID.3 because I was interrupted part way through. I wasn’t initially that concerned until the driver mentioned that it was his only job of the day and he was keeping the car for 24 hours rather than just driving it straight back to Banbury :worried:

I’ve even started doing this when my car’s off to be repaired. Mine was recovered a little while ago and various places had it for a month and when it came back it looked like it had been dragged through a hedge backwards. Thankfully they were cool with it and noted everything, but they could easily have come back saying it was me.


Its wise to take pics often and even when you park at the supermarket or other venue, always walk round the car and inspect it rather than just get in and drive off. It can save you a lot of grief later.


@tnmchris definitely loads of photos as others have said.

I always clean the car to the level I would expect to receive one. That was a slight issue yesterday but don’t like to complain so didnt mention in my original post however the Audi I received was far from the condition I left the E208 in.

Hope you enjoy the car your changing into and that it goes well :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep swapping all the time me


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Swap was super easy, very friendly guy, really like the 2008 from what I’ve seen so far, now just need to unlearn all my iD3 habits and get used to driving a more ‘normal’ car! Cheers for the tips everyone!


Exactly the same.

The delivered car is always dirtier than to one collected.

I don’t understand this though…

Onto clearly state car should be washed / clean etc…

I look after the cars the same way I would if I owned them. I don’t like dirty or unclean cars.

I wash and hoover it every week even if it doesn’t need it. I understand everyone is different of course.

If I left the E208 in the condition I received the E-Tron I’m sure I would of had a cleaning bill from onto.

Maybe they need better logistics partners cause I would not of dreamt of delivering a car in the condition I received. Especially considering the probably astronomical amount they charge Onto for preparation and delivery.


These are probably isolated cases, although still unacceptable. The best thing to do is to reject the vehicle. As we saw in this thread , ONTO don’t expect a subscriber to accept a vehicle that falls below their standards. Doing so no doubt inconveniences the driver (who shouldn’t have brought it anyway) and the delivery partner who should have better PDI systems in place.

In the case where you need that vehicle straight away, you could opt to accept, reporting the condition immediately with supporting photos. Your delivery charge should then be reimbursed, and you can use that money to get a thorough valet.


I think almost everyone on the forums would never dream of sending a car back that wasn’t clean but I suspect some of the cars have been collected after non-payment and such like. They should be valeted before they’re sent though. I’ve only had one swap and it was cleaner than the brand new car that I’d got as my first car from Onto. The swap driver said he always had them valeted before he brought them so I think it might be down to the provider.

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Contracts have to be deemed to be fair and do work both ways.

Maybe we should reverse charge ONTO for the cleaning costs based upon the amount we would be charged if we sent a car back dirty.

I bet that would be the last car delivered that was not clean :rofl:

To be fair there are many reports on here of them paying for a valet for dirty cars on delivery.


Hi @tomspiccs_EV - whilst we aren’t able to control or directly influence the condition one of our vehicles is delivered in - we always try to make it right for our customers where somethings gone wrong.

Our agreement with our third parties doesn’t allow for a car to be delivered in a filthy state. We expect our cars to be clean both inside and out and arrive with around 60% charge.

When this doesn’t happen & a customer reaches out to us - we’ll always do what we can to fix it at our cost, so as not to inconvenience our customers further.

We appreciate and understand that it’s not a great experience to have a car show up in a poor state & we’re constantly working on ways to improve this.


Always found you guys helpful as best you can.

It’s a bit of a walk to my house with a sponge and a bucket but you are always welcome to call in and I’ll get the kettle on next time I swap :wink:


@tomspiccs_EV - a 600 mile drive seems a little long. I mean I’m always here to help but im worried that tea would be lukewarm by the time i got there :rofl: