Another day, another problem

So I got this up about an hour ago, waited 15 minutes to see if it would clear, it didn’t, so called up Onto and arranged recovery.

Typically 30 minutes into waiting, it cleared.

I called Renault, they said the fault will be logged and they would like the vehicle still to inspect the fault code… Its just crazy that the error code doesn’t give any information other than ‘Electrical System’… thats about 90% of the bloomin car!

It would be just my luck to ignore it and it go seriously wrong soon after, which would obviously be my fault.

Problems like this (and the other ‘picky charger types’) shouldn’t happen on a 3 week old car :thinking:

When @Koda and I used the term “picky” in another thread, it was because this is how this behaviour is generally described by Zoe owners. It is not a positive description, inferring that Zoes are more discerning and less tolerant of charging points that don’t meet proper safety standards. All are in agreement that this is an issue that Renault should have addressed some time ago, and is totally unacceptable. Unfortunately if you want to drive a Zoe, it is an issue you have to learn to live with. The only alternative is to drive another EV instead.

My ZE50 left the Flins factory on the 14th of February 2020. It had an inspection at the Southampton Import Centre on the 23rd of March. It was delivered to me on the 11th of August. I may of only had it for 6 weeks, but it’s actually at least 7 months old.

I’m sure that is the same with yours. In what conditions were these vehicles kept during those 6 months? I’m not hearing that non ONTO Zoes are having all these issues. Some believe it’s to do with ONTO’s hardware and the app. Or did they just receive a dodgy batch? Or weren’t they properly looked after during lockdown?

Or have you unfortunately just ended up with a lemon? I think at some point you need to decide how much more of this you can take. I really think you need to get rid of this particular Zoe before it puts you off EVs all together. You’ve got a bad one. Unlike good French wine, I fear she isn’t going to improve with age :wink:


@E7EV Yes, of course, this one (and probably the whole batch) will be the same, but it’s been “On the road” for less than 3 weeks, that’s what I meant.

Oh my good god, I’m not in a good mood… What a waste of 3 hours!

I’m sorry George, but there’s another long winded moan coming your way tonight!

So, this is how this evening has mapped out, and I’m still no further forward and should’ve just drove it back regardless.

1530 - Return to car and get the red STOP warning as posted above. I turn off the car and give it 15 minutes.

1545 - Check the car again, fault not cleared, call OnTo (Driverline) for advice, I was told it would need recovery and they will sort out alternative transport. The standard 60-90 minutes timeframe was given.

1558 - Driverline called me back to confirm recovery was on the way and it should be about 60 minutes, also confirming the vehicle was to be recovered to Bristol Street Renault in Derby - where an alternative vehicle would allegedly be provided (Or they’ll bring a replacement to the breakdown location and swap vehicles)

1603 - SMS from recovery company saying they should be with me in 60 minutes

1610 - I sit back in the car and turn on the AC, the fault had cleared itself! I called the Renault dealer and asked what I was to do? Do I leave it, drive it home or should I still be recovered? They knew nothing about it and said they can’t book the vehicle in for over a week! They did advise not to drive it and they would book it in to read the codes.

1659 - I get a call from someone in the recovery contractors office, They asked where I was, what the problem was and where I was going… They had no idea, I explained the problem, explained it was cleared and that Renault advised me NOT TO DRIVE. She knows nothing about the replacement vehicle or why the car was being taken even further away from my home address. She called driverline to query

1720 - Return call by recovery company, they said the hire car would be sorted by another company and probably would involve me getting a taxi home (She also asked if I had charged the car)??? I asked where the driver was, my daughter needed the toilet and food and the driver was still nowhere to be seen, “He’s leaving his last job now and should be 20 minutes”…

1732 - Another call from the recovery company, Told the plan was changed again, they were going to take me to the local supermarket, get a taxi company out for me and my daughter and keep the car at their yard because they couldn’t get the car booked in!

1750 - Tow truck rocks up, he said whats the problem? I explained all the above, then he said what do you want me to do about it? If the faults not on it now, then off you go! I explained what Renault said, he was having none of it and said he wouldn’t be taking the car and I was to drive it home and call ONTO to sort it out

1800 - I set off home after wasting 2 and a half hours

18:36 - I get another call from the recovery driver, checking I got home!

What a joke, so tomorrow, they expect me chasing up Driverline, ONTO and Renault! I’m keeping the car off road now until I’ve had further advice from ONTO, but this is a long, long, long way away from “Stress free motoring”!


I’ve asked for a Tesla, I should’ve been elegible for the legacy rate but George said I’d dropped off the waiting list because when I got the call, I didn’t have nearly £2500 on hand to pay on the deposit. He said I’d be added back at where I should be if I wasn’t “Dropped off” but… how long is a piece of string?


Oh dear what a dreadful experience.
I do trust they (ONTO) do the running around tomorrow and sort you out with a replacement EV.

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You can’t get through to them, it’s just “Driverline” which is ONTO’s fleet management outsource provider

@Lily_at_Onto - Is there a way I can speak to someone at ONTO rather than Driverline? Obviously this complaint will be emailed in, but while it’s being looked into, I need to know what to do with the vehicle.

Press option 2. Call through as a new member and you’ll always get put in the call queue for the ONTO Staff to answer no matter how long the wait time may be.

The existing member options will always forward to i247 (The people behind driverline) to answer if the ONTO lines are all busy.

During office hours you can also live chat with them. Or email out of hours. This will again always be with someone who is directly employed by ONTO.


@Koda beat me to it. When you get through ask for George and I would explain (and make sure he reads the emails also) and ask him to get you another EV, preferably not a Renault, as basically I and many others would not trust the one you have to get you to the end of the road.

ONTO need to do the running around, not you.

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True, I must admit, I didn’t feel comfortable driving the vehicle back (Smart motorway all the way - no hard shoulder) and won’t be volunteering to drive it again until I get a response

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That sounds like a rough afternoon @Kev :tired_face:

This is very similar to my experience.

To be fair, in my case the driver line and the recovery company seemed fairly responsive. That said, when the fault eventually cleared itself, I chickened out of actually having it recovered in the end for fear of getting lost in this sort of chaos. The car has done 1,000+ miles since and, aside from rejecting some lamppost chargers, has behaved itself since… so far…

I even discovered how to turn off the roadworks voice alert lady. So day by day, it’s getting a little better. Soon I’ll discover how to get the radio station logos working :rofl:

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Not far off from the experience Ive had this month which has led to me to deciding to leave onto next month. Chasing three different departments from onto, driver line and renault as if I was the one being paid to service the customer. I feel for you but I fear this is just one of many similar stories we will get to read on here. I hope it all works out for you.