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I’m planning a trip down to the south of France and we are hoping to visit Andorra for a day, as Andorra isn’t an EU member I’m not sure whether it is included in the European Cover.

I asked the question on live chat and was told that only EU countries are included, despite this thread stating that Switzerland is included even though Switzerland isn’t an EU country, the agent then told me that Switzerland isn’t included either and that their Onto colleague who posted that was incorrect.

According to the UK government website all UK car insurance includes third party cover in Andorra and is treated the same as EU, Switzerland, Norway etc. so I would have thought that Onto would treat Andorra in the same way as EU. Without a published definitive list of countries covered it makes it really difficult to plan a European trip, the only option seems to be to submit a form and wait for a response, but if that takes 14 days and then I’m told Andorra isn’t covered it ruins our plans and doesn’t give us much time to make alternative arrangements, is there any reason a list of accepted countries isn’t published?

Has anyone taken their car to Andorra or know if Onto will accept this before I apply?


Found this answer on another thread:

What’s the status of EFTA and EEA countries? Particularly Switzerland for me, but there are plenty of others. - Decision on countries allowed to travel too, are dependent on our insurance cover. Customers can submit a application where they specify the country they wish to travel into, and we can confirm if it is possible. In regards to switzerland, yes that is included in our insurance.”

Unfortunately doesn’t specify whether Andorra is allowable or not.

Could you apply, listing the different countries that you would visit, and note that if Andorra isn’t possible, then you don’t want to apply for cover at all?

Edit: Sorry just realised you already found the thread containing that answer. Hopefully after the bank holiday weekend, @Raheel_at_Onto or @Carol_at_Onto might be able to directly answer your question about Andorra, as they did about Switzerland.


@E7EV I can confirm Andorra is covered, we have confirmed this with our insurer


I don’t have anything sensible to say (well, why change the habits of a lifetime)…

But I hope you’re going on Tobotronc if you’re going to Andorra - what a hoot!!!

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@Alex5066 where are you? The forum has delivered once again and got you an answer!


Thank you! I also received an answer from our business manager, submitted my form and 24 hours later everything has been confirmed/arranged!

Thanks again and thank you Onto for processing my application so quickly.