An apology

Sorry to whoever has the White ONTO ZE40 with plate ending YMX that was parked in Newcastle this afternoon if you happened to see someone standing around trying to get into your car.

Had a bit of an embarrassing call thinking the app had broken and couldn’t connect to the car… That’s when I realised I was parked a little further up the street and that there’s more than one identical car in the ONTO Fleet.

Also hello to you, if it happens to be anyone here on these forums!


That’s funny.:wink: I did similar thing years ago but I put owner of that car into trouble​:see_no_evil: He left the door open with a piece of plastic in between and I was pretty sure that I left my car with the door open so I removed that and closed the door properly,then he came out and asked me what do I do to his car;) basically that plastic was there for a reason.Once I closed the door he couldn’t open it anymore.:man_shrugging:t2:


You should have left a note introducing yourself and encouraging them to participate in this forum, if they don’t already! As ONTO get more and more vehicles, this could start happening quite often!

Fortunately the app isn’t like Ford keys back in the day. There was only about 30 different combinations. Me and a work colleague both had Cortinas, and his key would open mine (and his front door key would open his!)

A few years later, a friend locked himself out of his Mondeo. He asked my advice. He was a bit puzzled when I asked him if he knew anyone else with a Ford. He did, and sure enough, the friend’s key opened his car!


Yeah, I was just trying to slip away quickly and quietly after that little incident. I think in future if I manage to remember where I parked my own car I may leave a little note though!

Since the delivery cost up here dropped, it’s definitely picked up in popularity in the North East. I’ve seen several ZE50’s (Easy to spot a mile off thanks to that ridiculous camera placement!) and an i3 around too.


I’m now in a stealth ONTO Zoe ZE50. I’ll be able to creep up on you unawares, and leave a note on your car. “Dear Koda. Gotcha…” :rofl: