Am I expecting too much?

Hi, turned up early to my local rapid in the hope of getting a good charge. The rapid was blocked by a chap in an MG on 80% who had ‘at least 30 mins to go… :roll_eyes:.’ Anyway , the Type 2 was free, supposed to be 22kwh and I could leave my Zoe for a while. Charge rate only seems to be about 10kwh. Is this the best my Zoe can manage or is it a poorly charger?

Charging speed can depend on so many things, it’s not always possible to give a definitive answer.

Zoe normally charges quite happily at 22kW. Possible reasons why your’s didn’t:

Cold battery
High SoC
Defective Charger
Limited power supply to that site
Charger power sharing if two vehicles charging at same time
Defective vehicle


Well SOC was 28%, it was about 8c out. I’d only driven a mile to the charger, most of the charge it was on it’s own, car is brand new so I’d hope it’s not faulty. I’ve looked on Zap map and someone else has reported it as very slow as well. I’ve sent be.ev a message.

If the chargers are running the same software as they do here, they don’t show the charge rate on screen if you are charging on the AC connector (measured in kW) and only display the total power dispensed (measured in kWh) - Just to check how you concluded it was 10kW - Did you work this out yourself or could you have possibly misread what the screen was telling you?

Given the temperatures and low usage before plugging in, it definitely could be a case of a cold battery. A Zoe does tend to cut the charge rate down to about 11kW in my experience if the conditions are too cold.

It’s also possible that the AC Connector may not actually be 22kW. Both Electric Blue in my area, and ESB in Ireland have the same models of chargers, and I noticed that the 22kW AC socket (or 43kW AC cable) is sometimes set to output less. Hopefully BE.EV Will reply and advise further if that is the case there. If you don’t hear back you could always hop on the SpeakEV Forums and chat directly to ‘jaysmith08’ - He seems to be quite responsive and posts there as a BE.EV Representative.


Thanks. I just did a little mental maths! It was plugged in just over an hour and went up about 10kw. I’m back now as I spotted the rapid was free. I’m lucky to have this one here, an InstaVolt not a million miles away and on my way home and an Osprey in Oldham that I can stop at during the week if needed. Only the be.ev one seems really busy.

Because it’s free. People abuse it to save a tiny amount of money compared to charging at home. They’ll sit there for hours slowly trickle charging it all the way to 100% just because it’s not costing anything.

It’s the same anywhere that has free charging promotions.