Alternative to 0800 Number

Hi All,

I can’t believe I am the first to ask this but is there an alternative (normal) number I can dial to the 0800 030 6840. I get free calls to standard UK numbers from abroad, but weirdly get charged by my provider for 0800 calls if made from overseas and my previous experience of 0800 numbers from overseas (+44 800 XXX XXXX) is that they can be troublesome. Not that there is much travel at the moment but it could come in handy. I am not trying to bypass anything - just after a ‘standard’ number that directs to the same line as the 0800 number.

I did try searching - but if I missed it then please feel free to point me in the right direction!

Thanks, Neil

Could consider using Skype.

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I wonder if they give that information out when you take your vehicle abroad. @BillN did they give you a regular landline number with the paperwork when you travelled?

:slight_smile: thanks - I do use WhatsApp, Skype (SkypeOut) and FaceTime audio as well but it would be handy to have a normal number too - but Skype is a good shout.

Hmm, I’ve chucked the paperwork now so can’t check unfortunately.

There is a standard 01/02 number for the i247 Driverline that I will try to dig out for anyone interested. This is who you would be speaking to for most issues with a vehicle while out on the road anyways. I don’t think there is a local number that’s been made public that goes to the exact same system as the 0800 number however, in case you were wanting to speak to ONTO’s office itself while outside of the UK.

As has already been suggested, VoIP is probably your best option at the moment.

UPDATE - Just found it. The number I had been given was 01202 628 730, but after trying to call it, it would appear to be a number now used for outgoing calls only.

Cool - thanks for the replies! I am early still at the Pre-order/delivery phase of things so I just need the general number so far - VoIP it is for now, if needed!