Alfa Power

Anybody used Alfa Power recently?
Tried three different places using Shell card but just will not authorise.
Tried downloading the Alfa Power app and registering the Shell card on there but no luck either.
Frustrating as there’s several of these near me…

They usually work with no problems for me, but the other day I got the card not authorised message so it might be a network problem mate.

So I’ve just spoken to Alfa Power. They have said that lots of customers are reporting they can’t use their Shell card so it is a network wide problem.

Unfortunately, they say there’s nothing they can do about it and you’ll just have to charge using debit card… not quite what I got Onto for though and it seems Alfa is effectively not included with Onto anymore!

AFAIK Alfa haven’t left Shell so it isn’t that Onto or Shell have removed them but there is an issue. They are also still showing in the Shell app.

Might be worthwhile emailing Onto and see if they can escalate it to Shell to try and get it fixed a bit quicker?

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Can you link your Shell Card to the App and then use the latter to start/stop a charge?

unfortunately not as it doesn’t recognise the number on the card!

This thread explains why my attempts at 3 separate Alfa chargepoints have failed.