Airport Parking

I park at airports a lot. Meet and Greet and car parks frequently have to move cars and are insured to do this. Does the key provision mean we can use this service now?

I would say no. ONTO doesn’t permit anyone apart from subscribers and their additional drivers to use their vehicles. And with the horror stories that you read about how these vehicles are treated once they leave you, I can well understand their position

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I would say your best bet is to check with ONTO themselves. They may say it’s not a problem as it would surely be covered on the car parks insurance. However, with the vehicles being left at the owners risk you would of course be liable for any damage etc.

Let us know what ONTO’s answer is for future reference.

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Got this reply from ONTO

“You would be allowed to pass the keys to the parking staff. The car would be covered on their insurance and not ours whilst they’re moving, so it’s the same level of risk as if it were your own car.”

Think this is good news, but would be taking pre handing-over photos in case of damage…


Great to get this confirmation. I wouldn’t do it though personally. A bit too risk averse. Remember any damage wouldn’t be covered by Car Hire Excess Insurance. And pursuing the parking company for reimbursement may not be easy.

I’ve only ever used Meet & Greet at MAN airport, where it seemed very reasonable price premium over having to get the shuttle bus, and was very well organised. I even came back on a very snowy day, to find they’d done the hard job of deicing and clearing snow :+1:

Would happily use again, and good to get conformation rom Onto. There are even some that offer EV charging while you’re on holiday, but I hear mixed reports ‘Yeah, sorry mate. Didn’t know how to charge it. Wrong cable thingy’.

Over a number of years in past have used the Holiday Inn package at Gatwick that includes use of airport parking. Stay overnight, using hotel car park, drop off car before flight at compound designated in package (normally within main perimeter road complex), shuttle bus to terminal. Shuttle back on return. Glad I can still do that following confirmation but don’t think I will be flying much now.:woman_bald: