Ah no i need a new rubber

Is this covered by my excess reducer? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Im certain people go around throwing screws all over the roads :rofl:

I would go to kwik fit and ask if they can repair it, £25 job done…

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That’s an easy plug repair job, as it’s in the main tread area, in fact it may be so short it’s hardly gone through the tyre at all.

Get yourself down to national tyres (recently acquired by Halfords) and print off this voucher for a free puncture repair Buy Car Tyres Online | Servicing and Autocare Products

I hope it’s not those eco protesters throwing screws and nails, aside from letting out air from tyres. Even from EV tyres!

As there’s a spring sale on Amazon, get yourself a bottle of Holt’s tyre weld. It’s very handy if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Also, a Xiaomi tyre inflator (looks like an iPod) and costs £30-40. I use it to pump air into my snow foam pump sprayer, as well as a backup when the petrol station air compressor is out of service, which is very often!

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I’ve had a couple of tyre replacements and were covered by insurance excess reduction and on.to pay National Tyres then bill you later. (Took a couple of months for them to chase up). Just get a picture of the tyre off the vehicle before they “recycle” it and the bill and receipt from onto. £110.10 I think it was for each one. Someone about here throws screws on yellow lines I’m sure. :+1:

Wouldn’t advise any DIY repairs if an on.to vehicle. Think you have to get all repairs dealt with via driverline and most likely they will insist on a new tyre each time for safety/insurance purposes.

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Unfortunately I have to join the club! Had a tyre pressure warning half an hour ago and it’s a screw!

Bummer, seems to me a bit like when they resurface the roads and every mile or so is a parked up mobile windscreen repair service. :thinking:


I’ve just received an email with an invoice over £108.13 for the new tyre that was replaced. I do have the excess reduction and according to the appendix 4 of the hire agreement onto does waive liability for damage to the tyres if you have the excess reduction.

Just emailed them back after I spoke to George on the phone who said as far as he knows damage to the tyres that is not wear and tear is not covered.

Same today. But they emailed me an invoice with someone elses details on it :grimacing:

I emailed the maintenance address to have it sorted out.


Cant argue with the hire agreement. Clearly says no liability provided you have kept to the other conditions of the agreement.


I just had an email from Ash saying liability is only reduced to £350. Yet according to appendix 4 Liability is waived for damage to tyres, not reduced.

I have challenged this once again as the wording is clear. It states liability is waived for damage to tyres. This waiver is “additionally” provided on top of the reduced excess for claims.

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Same… I have asked him to escalate this since its clearly not whats stated in appendix 4.

Yeah I have re read the agreement. No chance we are liable for it. Waived liability is waived liability. Its there in black and white :blush:


@Adam_at_Onto can you double check this as I believe it could be a concern for many today who have received incorrect billing based on bad info from the maintenance team.

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@WayfaringCookie Will investigate and let you all know. From what I can see unless you are driving and damage multiple tyres then it wouldn’t hit the £350 reduced damage waiver threshold. So anything below £350 would be chargeable. Let me check that for sure but thats how I interpreted the clauses and policy.

Thanks, i have posted my contract on legal beagles to see if I can get some clarification on the wording as i believe it clearly states onto will waive liability for damage to tyres, not reduce liability.

This is marked as an additional service above the insurance excess reduction. If it is reduced to the value of £350 then there would be no need to include the additional clauses.

It looks as though Tyre damage, glass damage (up to £1000) and key loss is covered additionally to the £350 reduction in excess as onto “will waive your liability”

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That’s some potentially expensive things waived for only £20/30 a month. Damage to roof or undercarriage? Why is that picked out to be waived? And auto glass damage, but only up to £1000? So if the cost of repair is less than £1k, you pay nothing, if it’s more, you’ll pay the first £350.

HI Adam, the below is taken from Apendix 4 on the hire agreement - it clearly states that you will waive liability for the 4 items listed?

Additionally, provided that you have complied with the Agreement at all times, the purchase of an Excess
Reduction will mean that we will waive your liability for the following items:
● Damage to the Tyres
● Windshield and auto glass damage (up to £1,000 for windshield or auto glass damage)
● Damage to the undercarriage and roof
● Loss or damage to the vehicle keys.


That just doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would it mention waiving the tyre damage separately when it’s only tyre damage over £350 which would be covered by the reduced excess of £350 anyway. It simply states additionally to the reduced excess the liability for tyre damage (plus keys etc) will be waived.

Honestly I don’t know, but why explicitly mention it if all of them would be covered by the reduced excess of £350 anyway?