Agile Streets: Onto Smarter Charging

Hi all,

We’re proud to announce that Onto will be supporting the Agile Streets scheme by being the sole provider of electric cars.

Agile Streets - the BEIS-funded consortium led by Samsung alongside Connected Kerb, Energy Saving Trust, Octopus Energy, System Level Solutions, TS Design Limited and PNDC- is a trial scheme aiming to further develop the charging network across the UK. By introducing smart meters, Agile Streets will enable individuals to save money while using public chargers.

Agile Streets is a trial of cutting-edge technology that will allow people without access to a home charger to charge their cars at off-peak rates. The trial will operate in four areas; East Lothian, Glasgow, Hackney and Shropshire, where they’ll be installing 100 new smart chargers for participants to try out a new way of charging, both on streets and in car parks.

Running from October 2021 to May 2022, we will be supporting the scheme by being the sole provider of electric cars to those individuals interested in EV within the trial areas.

Read more about our partnership on our blog:


Interesting! First steps perhaps in a more broader solution for those of us who only have access to ‘on street’ parking. Hope the trial goes well.

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Looks great! I’m assuming you have to be located in Hackney or very nearby to participate?


That’s how I read it. I thought I might get away with a Hackney charge on my way to / from work, but further reading suggests you need to be based in the trial locations in order to take part.

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Hi @Lily_at_Onto I recd. the email advising about this, but neither of the links in the email work.
Might be generic for everyone that has been sent the email.

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Same …

Get this error when clicking the link:

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Yep, certificate is issued to rather than the * domain

Schoolboy error, im afraid… and also why is the resolvable FQDN so long…

Also the cert is only valid for 3 months, very odd…

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All fixed with our email provider. Thanks for those who brought it to our attention!