Affordability checks

For an existing customer who hasn’t had an onto car since early this year, are affordability checks still done or is that only done when registering for the first time?

I’ve been overseas for work for the last 6 months and am just returning to Onto now. My account still exists and it gives me the option to book a car etc but no mention of affordability checks.



AFAIK existing customers are not yet subject to affordability checks. Unless you deleted your account and opened a new one, in which case you would be a new customer anyway.



As a new potential customer what stage are these affordability checks done, i uploaded my driver’s license and progressed as far as complete payment.

So does that mean they were done by the details i already put in, or is this done once I make a payment which could be a decline and the payment returned back to me.

I think it’s all done once you make your very first booking for a car. They run the checks in the time after that as they get everything confirmed behind the scenes. I’d probably say within 24 hours of booking if you haven’t been refunded and canceled you’re probably good to go, but you can always call customer services and ask them to check what stage your order is at and if you’ve passed these checks if you need to know for sure.

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@jon117 @Koda is correct, if someone registers and books we will take payment and do the checks in the background (normally within 24-48 hrs) and certainly before delivery. Alternatively you can register and we can run the affordability check before payment. Drop me a DM is you want to do it without booking.