Advice to those Awaiting a Vehicle Delivery

In view of the issues in the logistics sector at the moment, it’s advisable to have realistic expectations about your upcoming delivery.

We’ve all seen and heard about missing products from supermarket shelves, and limited menus at some restaurants. Currently people are panic buying fuel because of a lack of tanker drivers.

If you are waiting for a vehicle from ONTO to be delivered:

Don’t expect the vehicle to definitely arrive on the delivery day.
Don’t expect the vehicle to be delivered during the agreed time slot.
Don’t expect to be definitely able to track the vehicle during the delivery process.
Don’t leave yourself without transport by disposing of your current vehicle before your ONTO one arrives.
Don’t organise important trips or book hotels within at least five days of your delivery date.

The majority of deliveries run smoothly, but a small percentage don’t. Expect your’s not to, and that if it does, it’s a bonus. This is a temporary issue that will eventually improve, although we don’t as yet know when. It is not unique to ONTO, and is not a situation they are happy with. They are continuing to trade despite this, and will do their best to minimise the number of customers affected.


Very well said @E7EV agree with you whole heartedly. :older_man:


Shame we cant make this a sticky on the forum and would be good if a ONTO version of this was sent out to new customers a week ahead of delivery too in the welcome to ONTO email. :slight_smile: @Lily_at_Onto @Carol


We could do with a guide or Wiki Creating, Im sure its possible with Discourse… :slight_smile:

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I’m going to be the one to disagree with this.

Onto would put untold fear on people if they sent everyone an email who was due a car saying “hey, it might not come…!”. They’d get SO many people coming back saying “so basically don’t plan to use the car I’m paying for for the first five days, just in case your logistics company don’t deliver?” because that’s how I’d read that.

Honestly, if I got an email like that, it would put me right off.


I really get both sides of this. As a potential newbie I understand the OP - but I also get @seabass

Mostly everything in life is probability not certainty (obviously the latter reserved for death and taxes) so I could live with probabilities if it wasn’t as confusing as quantum physics……


It depends how its worded, which is why I wouldnt use the text above.

It obviously costs ONTO a lot of money to resolve issues that were avoidable if new customers used a bit of common sense, like selling their only car, expecting a delivery to happen ontime.
Nothing is 100% gauranteed in life and this is another example.


I think it just needs to be a guide to what to expect on day X and how the process works without it scaring the crap out of potential new customers or those waiting for delivery along with some tips and advice…

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See this I don’t understand.

We bought a new TV recently but didn’t sell the old one before the new arrived. I’ve no idea why people would do this with cars, I certainly wouldn’t.

I still think however it was worded, you’d unintentionally freak people out. I wonder if Onto would say how many deliveries (as a percentage) were on time (as in same day, not necessarily time slot) and without issue.


Cant agree with the freaking people out bit, so we’ll have to differ.
Setting customers expectations is what is needed.
As a Customer Services Manager it is always… Underpromise and then Overdeliver
Probably all new customers are so excited about getting a new car on subscription they will overlook
the info in the FAQ’s and many wont even read the hire agreement.

In case those on this thread have yet to look, it says this…

The FAQ states this for delivery…

What happens on the day of delivery?
Your driver will call to provide an ETA close to the time of delivery. Due to reasons out of our control, there are a few cases where your car may be a bit delayed. If this happens, we will give you a call to let you know.

Your hire agreement states this…
Vehicle delivery and collection services are not included as part of the Agreement. Your Vehicle will be delivered to you on the Commencement Date and a charge of £49.50 will apply and be payable on booking of the Vehicle.
If our supply of the Vehicle is delayed by an event outside our control, then we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and we will take steps to minimise the effect of the delay. Provided we do this we will not be liable for delays caused by the event, but if there is a risk of substantial delay you may contact us to end the contract and receive a full refund.

Maybe ONTO just wish to continue as is, but the cost of doing so will of course be passed onto the subscribers one way or another and we will continue to see angry posts from new subscribers who will find little sympathy from those who are aware nothing in life is gauranteed.


I agree with you here - I totally get not setting high expectations, only to bring them down.

In most cases, it’s rare for deliveries to go wrong. There’s what, three posts a week on here saying deliveries were bad? I’m sure that’s only a tiny percentage of actual deliveries/collections etc.

Perhaps the wording you use could be something they could think about, and in hindsight yes, it may be a good idea. But it does have to be worded carefully - especially as it could put Onto in a poor light.

Gentle reminder that you might actually not get the car when you asked for it? Yeah that’s fine. Getting told not to plan to use the car for the first five days? I’d probably tell them not to bother, or worry for five days.

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Completely agree about underpromising then overdelivering. As customers, we love to be pleasantly surprised and hate it when things go wrong, and the bigger the product the more we invest, both financially and emotionally.

I wouldn’t want to join ONTO and be greeted by a list of all the things that might NOT happen.

But the common denominator from all the bad experiences seems to be poor communication in the run up to, or on delivery day. This isn’t helped, frankly, by the automated emails that ONTO send out in the days before delivery is due, that do nothing but build anticipation and excitement.

There is much that could be done in those emails to better explain, with greater transparency, what happens on the delivery day itself and, what should be done when things go wrong - a link to join this forum, and a post in particular covering the basics?

My first delivery experience isn’t something I’d want to repeat, but everything was eventually sorted out by speaking with ONTO directly, rather than forum venting - something which in my experience just serves to highlight nothing but the vast range of other people’s somewhat better experiences rather than necessarily sorting out your own.


Whole heartedly agree this statement. :older_man:

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I think you make a good point, people turn up on forums for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. To vent/rant/kick off
  2. To learn about a company and to learn from other users, share experiences and actually build a community of like minded people
    99% of customer probably don’t know this forum exists / don’t care…

I am on a couple of other forums and we continually have to tell people we are not customer services, and to call them and speak to them directly…


Hi @E7EV. This was my take on your post which I posted to a newcomer earlier this week. Similar but different.:older_man:

Hi and welcome to the ONTO community.
To ensure you have a good experience with ONTO make sure you have read the T&C’s which are pretty standard. Three things its worth being aware of:
1. Keep £1000 excess available to pay if you have a mishap. You will need to pay the full amount up front and then be refunded depending on actual bill or proven not at fault etc.
2. Also look into Excess insurance. Most on here use I4CH less than £50 a year and cheaper if purchased through TopCashback. Many on here have made successful claims and I don’t recall any reported failures. Again read the T&C’s to make sure it fits your purpose.
3. Delivery of you new vehicle in 99% of the many hundreds they do each day which are carried out by contractors (not ONTO themselves), are faultless and on time. However, things happen, staff sickness, shortage of drivers, faulty car etc can cause delays in delivery, maybe 1 or 2 days. You may not get notification of delivery changes until the last minute. If it happens always ring ONTO selecting option for New Customer, or live chat. They will bend over backwards to help you. However, its always best not to dispose of your existing transport until after delivery and never make commitments such as holidays, breaks etc for at least a few days after delivery. ONTO do not guarantee delivery because of the above.
Don’t let anything I have said above worry you its just that on this community these are often topics that cause some distress to the small number unprepared for the small chance of a problem.
I am sure all will be well and your going to love EV driving and ONTO. I do and its been a year now. Were all keen to answer any questions you have and many of my fellows are extremely knowledgeable. Don’t forget to try searching the Community for topics as many times you will find your answer before asking.
All the best


This is easy for those with cars to say and you wouldn’t be saying that if it was you and you were excited and expecting your new car, taking days off work and making plans. This seems a sly dig from the experienced members of the forum and hardly makes the new posters feel welcome.

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I will consider your comments further but make no other response. :older_man:


Some of us have also experienced delays. I had to patiently wait 5 months for a Tesla while ONTO had my £3600 deposit. So can fully understand what you’re going through! :wink:


I hope that in time people will see that what is going on here is probably partly as a result of Onto’s rapid growth, but is also partly an economy-wide phenomenon, which is resulting in shortages and price increases in various commodities, sectors and supply chains.

It’s disappointing if you can’t fuel up your ICE at your first choice forecourt. It’s painful when your energy bill spikes. There are long delays in auto manufacture as OEMs experience chip shortages.

I order large quantities of pet food online and have found those deliveries to be less reliable that they were previously. I get my groceries delivered from a big supermarket and I notice a shrinking range and find products unavailable more frequently.

Our system is creaking. It’s going to take some time to rebuild it!


Seriously - u don’t think any of the rest of us have experienced a delivery delay with Onto because we’re not getting upset about your experience?

I think the more established members are speaking from experience here - yes it’s frustrating and upsetting but if you’ve read the T&Cs it doesn’t guarantee a delivery on the date/time you’re provided- it’s not Onto doing the delivery so how would they guarantee it for you?

It’s not onto’s fault you (or anyone) took time off or planned a holiday or sold a car or need to be out by a certain time.

I don’t think any of us are trying to be sly - I get your frustrations but that’s an uncalled for dig at those of us who are trying to be reasonable here