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Hi, Just wanted to ask some advice. Has any used other companies like Elmo? Also how are they for customer service? I’ve been with onto nearly a year but at this point I need to change.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Also I will need a vehicle as soon as possible.

@alegar swapped from ONTO to Elmo a while ago so would be the best to answer this question.


Hi there,

Yeah I’ve been with Elmo for almost a year and a half. I actually had their first ZOE50 delivered, which then eventually led to lots and lots more of car models to pick up from.

Now they have in stock several from the fiat 500e 42kWh, corsa e, ZOE, honda e to mola/2008/ds3 and Niro plus the model 3, etrons and ipace for quick delivery.

Regarding their customer service I have to say that I was with evezy/onto for around 6 months and although was mostly good at the time there were teething problems and the delivery/collections experienced I had were not great. Also I was locked out of my car a couple of times at the worst convenience.

Then I switched to Elmo and since everything had been much more smoother. It is true they have massively expanded since I joined but I have not felt any problems caused by this. They are still as easily approachable and quick to respond as ever.

Feel free to ask for any particular questions, and if you are actually joining Elmo please use my referral code for a mutual £50 off (once): ISB2GG


I’ve also used both (currently with Elmo) and both have had their fair share of poor customer service. I think I got unlucky with a VERY broken Zoe initially, it was then replaced (after a second attempt) and everything’s been fine since.

Just bare in mind with Elmo you ONLY get BP Pulse charging (and this is an extra £10 a month), so if you’re switching purely for a cost thing, this is something you need to really consider. If you’re currently regularly using Shell/Instavolt (etc) you’ll need to pay for this yourself.

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I am with Cazoo subscription for 4 months now in a brand new Hyundai Ioniq, 36 month @ £399 ( got it a week before increase)
£500 get out clause but no delivery as picked car up at my local Cazoo service centre.
Only thing missing is free charging but not a problem as very few Shell, BP points in my area.
They do do a soft check and affordability check.
They take a one month deposit upfront which you get back at end.
Customer service is vg and you can also pop into their service centres if any probs

Just be aware if you leave Onto like I did then you will have to da a affordability check with Onto.
Unfortunately I failed though my credit is good.

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@Jimmi1 that’s interesting, I left ONTO for a month as well last year September as I was travelling out of the country. When I came back I didn’t need to do any checks. Booked the car and it was delivered without any issues. Are you sure you were using the same account and didn’t open a new one?

If you simply return your car then you can simply book a new car at a later date with the same ease as doing a swap - I believe that @Jimmi1 requested that Onto closed his account and therefore needed to reopen his account and, as a result, was subject to their new application criteria and checks.


@Pranjal the affordability checks have just been introduced recently, but it was my mistake for asking to remove my personal details from my account.
Should have kept account as it was.
Sure @Lily_at_Onto can give you more details if you would need to go through the check.
I even lost my rewards etc :cry:

Onto should go back to no checks and maybe pay one month upfront just in case anyone misses payment

It was confirmed here before by Lily that the affordability check is not for current customers :slight_smile:

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Ahh makes sense. So I guess it’s best to keep your account and not ask for it to be deleted if you have even 1% chance of returning.


@BenB thanks I didn’t want to say that in case it was wrong as Onto have numerous mistakes all over their T&C’s with some being pointed out.

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Wonder if they can reinstate my account, get searching onto’s delete files @Raheel_at_Onto
:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I wonder if they’ll run an affordability check on additional drivers :thinking:

Pretty sure affordability checks would only ever be run on the primary driver, since they are the ones paying.

When I looked Elmo seemed quite expensive. Cazoo prices go up and down regularly between cheaper than ONTO to more expensive.

Though bear in mind Cazoo seem to be hitting issues as they’ve laid off 750 members of staff

As part of its realignment plan, Cazoo said it will no longer offer its subscription service to new subscribers from the end of June, given the highly cash consumptive nature of the business model.

Not in the UK as subscription service is thriving it seems

Oh I didn’t know they were closing down the subscription part of their business.

That’s good news for ONTO though

@geon106 it seems UK is not affected for now but out of 620 cars available just now only 65 are electric.
Supply issue is the problem it seems for EV, nobody can get them :grinning:

I imagine half of those are Ioniqs lol

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Looks like they’ve got the world’s remaining supply of Ioniqs at the moment. :rofl: